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The Perks – and Drawbacks – of Delivery Cocktails, and a Creative Minor Decliner Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to become more creative. Whether that meant creating a makeshift office in the home or curating the ideal Zoom background, adapting to changing events became key to survival these last couple of years. This extended to the food and beverage industry, where restaurants had to figure out how to create that dine-in experience for their patrons at home. Curbside alcohol and to-go cocktails became a signature part of this newfound creativity, helping to bring in increased revenue to a struggling industry built on gathering indoors. While delivery cocktails provided a sense of comfort and...

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How Minors Know Which Stores Will Sell Them Tobacco and Alcohol

When you were in high school, did your town have that one store or that one restaurant that would always accept fake IDs or knowingly sell to minors? Although it’s highly illegal, it happened then, and it still happens today. If your establishment doesn’t use age verification technology with every alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco purchase, you might be at risk for becoming known as the place where minors can get away with using fake IDs. There are a few telltale signs that let minors know they might be able to get away with purchasing tobacco or alcohol products. Read through...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Underage Alcohol Sales

There are no "oops" moments when selling alcohol to a minor... If your a business that sells alcohol, one of the largest risks you face, is the penalties for selling alcohol to minors. Below are a list of answers to the big underage-alcohol sale questions. Is it a felony to sell alcohol to a minor? In the large majority if circumstances you'll face misdemeanor charges. However, there are certain states and circumstances where you could face felony charges. Is selling alcohol to a minor a misdemeanor? The majority of states punish as a misdemeanor. In most cases this means you...

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