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Minor Decliner Door Sentinel(™)

Add contactless ID scanning to your business and ensure underage patrons are stopped at your doors.  

This one-time low cost technology doubles your protection for the prevention of underage sales. Not only does the customer scan at the door prior to entry, but they can have their ID scanned again at the point of sale.

Many states already have laws on the books that mandate no underage allowed in the store/establishments. 

Signs saying “Must be 21 to enter” act as weak, often ignored, reminders of the law—but if we are being honest, does this really work? 

Impress the inspector upon their next visit with your level of diligence enforcing the law and protecting your business from fines and litigation.

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Plug it in.
It's ready to play.
In less than 5 minutes!

Available at both wall mounted and stand mounted.

Which product is best for your business?

Door Sentinel ™ ARAC™ ARAC™ All-in-One*
Comprehensive and Patent Pending Minor Decliner Feature Set
Contactless customer self scan with instructional video
Wall / Stand Counter Mount
Inputs as, remote lock / unlock
External high visibility light bar
Door Strike / Lock Control
Available Security Enclosure
All-in-one box design

Note: *coming soon