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Door Sentinel ID Scanner

Buy contactless age-verification door lock for your business and ensure underage patrons are stopped at your doors.

ID Scanner Door Lock

ID Scanner Door Lock Access Control System

Add contactless ID scanning to your business and ensure underage patrons are stopped at your doors.

This one-time low cost technology doubles your protection for the prevention of underage sales. Not only does the customer scan at the door prior to entry, but they can have their ID scanned again at the point of sale.

Many states already have laws on the books that mandate no underage allowed in the store/establishments.

Signs saying “Must be 21 to enter” act as weak, often ignored, reminders of the law—but if we are being honest, does this really work?

Impress the inspector upon their next visit with your level of diligence enforcing the law and protecting your business from fines and litigation.

Could you be selling tobacco or vape to a minor?

Plug it in.It's ready to play.In less than 5 minutes!

Available at both wall mounted and stand mounted.

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What is Contactless Access Control and Door Entry?

Contactless access control door sentinel is an advanced and modern security system that is required in various businesses to restrict underage patrons from entering the store/shop. It is also known as a touchless door access control system that allows keyless entry to patrons above a specified age.

The current era relies more on the 'contactless pathways' that provide a touch-free entrance to restaurants, hospitals, stores, and more. Age verification door lock further provides an amazing user experience for the customers with minimal time consumption.

Why Buy an Age Verification ID Scanner from Minor Decliner?

Minor Decliner provides premium door access control solutions to physical stores that offer restricted products/services to their customers.

Our Door Sentinel ID Scanner offers:

  • Comprehensive and Patent Pending Minor Decliner Feature Set
  • Contactless customer self-scan with instructional video
  • Wall / Stand Counter Mount
  • Available Security Enclosure

With one-time installation/setup, you can barricade the underage patrons from entering your shop/store.

What are the Benefits of Access Control System for Door?

Adding a door sentinel security system, to your business will offer multiple benefits that include:

Zero Touch Points at Entry: After covid19 pandemic, contactless age verification ID scanner becomes a necessity. It prevents the spread of viruses and provides a seamless experience.

Zero P2P Interaction: With one-time installation of an ID card access door lock system, you eliminate the person-to-person interaction that enhances the security with minimal manpower.

Protection From Fake Documents: Using fake IDs is common to get exposure to age-restricted items. Contactless age verification scanner eliminates this threat and accurately scans the document.

High Accuracy Level: Faking human security can be easy by using fake IDs, but not with a touch-free ID scanner.

24x7 Availability: You don't need to assign a human for the entry checkpoint. Instead, the age-verification ID scanner remains operational 24x7.

Ready to add security to your shop or store? Get the door access system for age verification that can boost your security level and let you follow government safety regulations.