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Casino ID Scanner

Casino ID Scanner

Buy casino ID scanners for gambling & betting, casinos, gambling, lottery retailers, sports betting, & video gaming operations.

Why do casinos check your ID?

Casino, gambling, sports betting, video gaming, and hotel security staff cannot tell whether a patron entering their casino or hotel bar has presented an actual identity card or a fake or altered one. Mobile security personnel and cocktail or alcohol servers may need portable ID scanners for casinos. A stationary ID scanner that is quick to access and simple to use is necessary for bartenders. Therefore, when security personnel or other casino employees inspect your ID, they verify your age. They want to ensure you can legally enter the property, prevent the sale of age-restricted products, and gamble.

ID scanners for casinos & gaming quickly identify fake IDs and stop under-aged entrants on their casino floor. The casino ID scanner automatically verifies the user's age under the legal age limit. Casinos can maintain a blacklist of customers they won't let inside. An alert lets the staff know when such a fraud ID is presented.

Apart from the above, a gambling service offered online is also not an exception. Before conducting any transactions, these organizations should carefully verify each player's identity.

Casinos use scanners to verify age, confirm an ID is not fake or modified, prevent illegal entries, and allow customer tagging. Hence, casino ID scanners are required to verify age, stop fake IDs, prevent minors, improve security and protect your business from illegal gamblers.

Protect Your Casino and Gambling Establishment with MinorDecliner™ Casino ID Scanners

Casinos, gambling establishments, lotteries, and sports betting locations must screen their patrons. It can involve anything from age checks based on legislation protecting minors to player protection comparison with a blacklist.

MinorDecliner™ addresses a critical need to prevent sales of age-restricted products to minors—and protect your business from illegal gamblers with ID scanning technology.

Our casino ID scanner device is very easy to use and has proven to be highly effective. It protects the user from liability, fines, and license revocation.

Key Features of Our ID Scanners for Casinos & Gambling

  • Icons specific for Casinos, Gambling, and Gaming
  • Identify the sales associate ID with every scan
  • Logging to check scanning history
  • Intelligent Fake Detection(™) - learn more
  • Simple to Use - Just unpack, turn on, and begin checking IDs
  • Quickly verify the age and identity of patrons
  • Best-in-class age verification
  • Also capable of identifying underage sales of alcohol and tobacco products

Available Customizations

  • Wall or Flexible Mounting
  • On the Go Age Verification(™)
  • ARAC(™) - Age Restricted Access Control(™) for gaming rooms and semi attended gaming operations
Tim S., Regional Business Development Manager

Tim S., Regional Business Development Manager

"We have been working with Minor Decliner for 2 years. Their gaming room entry system has been a reliable solution that has provided ID scanning capability to our video gaming rooms. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking ID scanning solution provider."

Scan the ID & Verify an Age Immediately

Scan any state drivers license and Minor Decliners™ Age Verification system announces the result in seconds.

Our mission is to provide the most robust and easy-to-use age verification systems and technology.

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Casino ID scanners keep your business safe and secure, making authorities and casino players happy. Casinos must perform ID verification, notify their customers, and ensure they arrive at the casino with the proper IDs because you cannot play without verifying your ID. Therefore, using ID scanner technology can be advantageous for casinos.

We also offer our id scanning technology & equipment for other markets such as bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, vape stores, gun stores, convenience stores, colleges, universities, festivals, factories, and special events. They are simple to use, quick, and efficient in detecting fake IDs, shared IDs, and participants who have been disqualified.

Our ID scanners with the most recent age verification technologies have been successfully used to detect fraudulent or fake IDs in various establishments, including bars, vape shops, point-of-sale locations, universities, offices, rental car companies, banks, grocery stores, airports, and casinos.

Check our extensive range of various industry-specific ID scanners for age verification.

Minor Decliner is a trusted provider of casino identification and tracking solutions. So, call us at 888-310-4001 if you have any questions or concerns about ID scanners for casinos, and we'll do our best to assist you in finding a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do casinos use ID scanners?

Gambling houses and clubs use casino ID scanners to comply with regulations that require them to verify the age and identity of their customers, as well as to detect and prevent fraud and illegal activity.

Q2. What happens to the information collected by casino ID scanners?

The information collected by casino ID scanners is usually stored securely by the casino and used only to verify identity and age. Casinos are required to comply with data protection laws and regulations.

Q3. Are ID scanners mandatory for casinos?

ID scanning machines are mandatory for casinos in many jurisdictions as part of the regulations governing their operations. However, the specific rules and requirements may vary depending on the location.

Q4. Can ID scanners be used for other purposes besides casinos?

Yes, ID scanners are used in various settings where age and identity verification are required, such as bars, nightclubs, and tobacco shops. They may also be used by law enforcement and border control agencies.

Q5. Do casino ID scanners slow down the check-in process?

Casino ID scanning technology is designed to be fast and efficient and can typically verify the information on an ID within a few seconds. However, the speed of the check-in process may depend on factors such as the number of customers and the complexity of the ID verification process.

Q6. Can ID scanners be used to track customers' behavior in the casino?

ID scanners are primarily used for age and identity verification and do not typically track or record customers' behavior in the casino. However, some casinos may use other surveillance and monitoring technology for security and marketing purposes.

Q7. Can customers opt out of having their ID scanned?

Customers may have the right to opt out of having their ID scanned, depending on the specific regulations and policies of the casino and the jurisdiction. However, this may affect their ability to enter the casino or use certain services.

Q8. What happens if an ID is rejected by the scanner in gambling house?

If the scanner rejects an ID, the customer may be asked to provide additional identification or to leave the casino. It is typically done to prevent the use of fraudulent or altered IDs.

Q9. Do casino ID scanners retain any information about the customer after they leave the casino?

ID scanners may retain some information about the customer, such as their name and date of birth, for a certain period as required by regulations. However, this information is typically stored securely and used only for age and identity verification.