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Underage drinking is a $57B problem

Underage drinking not only has serious health consequences for youth, but also costs the US billions of dollars. In 2013, underage drinking costs citizens of the United States $56.9 billion, according to data from the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center. These costs include medical care, work loss and pain and suffering associated with underage drinking. Some of the specific problems associated with underage drinking include homicide, suicide, violent crime, property crime, high-risk sex, fetal alcohol syndrome, alcohol poisoning and the need for alcohol treatment. Each of these problems has a financial cost. Nationally, the largest economic loss from underage drinking...

Parents are now reports places that sell alcohol / tobacco to their kids

We are seeing a growing trend of parents that report sales to minors to the police. The police are responding with surveillance and increased testing. Large fines, arrests, and revocation of sales license are resulting. Latest story on this.  Stores need to get a Minor Decliner ID Scanner to avoid these problems asap. 

Store Sales Associates should insist on a Minor Decliner

The pay is challenging, the hours long, and customers difficult. You have long line, and it's been a long day. If you make a mistake, not only can you get fined, you can get arrested. It is happening every day.  Sales associates arrested for selling to underage  You have the protection of a alarm system and a timed safe. You need the protection of an age verification system that works. Its fast and will prevent a critical mistake. 

Minor Decliner Announced as Finalists in 2021 Retailer Choice Best New Products Contest

CSP Announces Finalists in 2021 Retailer Choice Best New Products Contest Voting open now through Aug. 11 By CSP Staff on Jul. 22, 2021 CHICAGO — CSP has named the finalists and opened voting in its 18th annual Retailer Choice Best New Products Contest (BNPC). The BNPC honors today’s top product innovations and tomorrow’s solutions, focusing on the most successful product launches from the past year. The editors of and identified all finalists in 22 product segments from products nominated by c-store industry members. Now it’s up to c-store retailers to select the winners of these coveted awards....