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Universal ID Card Scanning

Passport ID Scanners

Verify passport documents in real time and detect fake ids with Passport Bundle offered by Minor Decliner.


Passport Readers & Scanners

Passport Readers & Scanners

Effective ID control is critical in many industries, whether it's airlines and airports, government agencies, hotels, offices and police stations, enterprises, merchants, banks, and insurance firms.

Our technology can be specifically configured for any age verification use. While state issued IDs are the most common, passports can also be presented at the point of sale where age-restricted products are sold.

Have you ever looked at the date on the passport? It's confusing to how we normally read dates in the US - Year - Month, instead of Month - Day - Year. Minor Decliner solves this problem, with a fast, easy to use system.

Do you have an international customer base, an airport location for a bar / restaurant, or do you want to have a 360-degree program to read all identification documents?

If so, the Minor Decliner Passport Bundle - our next-generation passport reader is right for you.

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We scan the driver's licenses for both the US and Canada and all passports and passport cards from any country.

This passport bundle can be specifically configured for any age verification use. Prevent sales of age restricted items to minors and reduce fines with the MinorDecliner Age Verification ID Scanners with drivers license, ID cards, and passport scanning capabilities.

ID Scanner for Age Verification - Passport Bundle

Why Buy Passport and ID Scanner from Minor Decliner?

Our passport scanners are widely used by different organizations all around the world. Each of our passport scanning machines is equipped with cutting-edge features and capabilities. Our passport reader can quickly, conveniently, and precisely read and process photos from passports, ID cards, visas, and other identity documents.

Our devices can function as both a passport scanner and a driver's license card reader, so no matter what your application is, we can provide an ID scanner machine to meet your specific requirements. When you choose Minor Decliner for ID and passport scanners, you are not only getting a high-quality device but also the backing of our technical assistance staff, which is dedicated to assisting you in any way they can.

Minor Decliner passport bundle is one of the best-in-class passport scanner that works independently from the environment and keeps personal data secure for businesses and users. If you have any question or need product information or technical assistance - we are available for help. Call us at 888-310-4001 for any information regarding our super-fast passport readers and ID scanners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Passport ID Scanner?

A Passport ID Scanner is a device that can quickly scan the information on a passport and extract data like the passport number, name, date of birth, and nationality.

Q. What are the benefits of using a Passport ID Scanner?

Using a Passport ID Scanner can help speed up the process of checking passports and reduce the risk of errors or fraud. It can also help improve the customer experience by reducing waiting times.

Q. How do Passport ID Scanners work?

Passport ID Scanners use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan the passport's data page and extract the relevant information. Some scanners may also use biometric authentication like facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

Q. Are Passport ID Scanners accurate?

Passport ID Scanners are generally accurate and reliable, but they may need to be revised for passports damaged, worn, or altered information. It's always a good idea to double-check the data manually in case of errors or discrepancies.

At MinorDecliner, each of our passport scanning devices is equipped with cutting-edge features and capabilities. With our passport reader, you can quickly and efficiently process many identity documents, including passports, ID cards, visas, and more. Whether you're at an airport, hotel, bank, or any other organization that requires quick and reliable identity verification, our passport reader can help streamline the process and provide peace of mind. Our advanced technology ensures that your documents are read with high accuracy and precision, making it a reliable and convenient solution for identity verification. Additionally, our passport reader machine is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for your staff to use and integrate into your existing systems.

Q. What types of businesses or organizations use Passport ID Scanners?

Passport ID Scanners are commonly used by businesses and organizations that need to verify the identity of individuals, such as airports, hotels, banks, government agencies, and event venues.

Q. Are Passport ID Scanners expensive?

The cost of Passport ID Scanners can vary depending on the model and features, but they can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Some businesses may rent or lease the scanners instead of buying them outright.

Q. Is it legal to scan passports with a Passport ID Scanner?

It is generally legal to scan passports with a Passport ID Scanner as long as the information is used for a legitimate purpose and handled securely and responsibly. However, checking local laws and regulations is always a good idea to ensure compliance.


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