ID Scanner For Bars: Preventing Alcohol Sales to Minors

Let’s face it, running a bar or nightclub is already a tough business.

You’ve got licensing to worry about, a young staff that frequently turns over and needs to be trained on the job, and the potential for trouble whenever alcohol is being served.

You ride the edge on both liability and profit margins, and so the last thing you need is to have accidentally served alcohol to a minor… or worse to an agent in a local police sting.

But those things unfortunately happen to bars and nightclubs every day, and when they do, it can be costly. Thankfully, implementing an ID scanner for bars or nightclubs can entirely prevent underage alcohol sales for your business.

You’re at higher risk of selling to a minor than you think

A recent study of alcohol enforcement showed a 10-20% violation rate for all businesses tested.

That means that unless you have above average training, diligent employees, and a rock-solid system, there’s a high likelihood your establishment will get checked, and flagged. And even so, that may not be enough, especially with alcohol compliance checks on the rise across the board.

Here’s just one example of what you may be up against:

And if you get caught, the penalties can be severe

Given what can happen when you get penalized, that’s not a good bet to take. Here’s a quick snapshot of what the fines look like for a typical offense in Maryland:

id scanner for bars image 1

The penalties in other US counties and Canadian provinces can be just a severe, many of them worse.

Why do underage alcohol sales happen?

Most of the time it’s entirely unintentional.

Your bouncer is at the door, checking hundreds of IDs each night, and it gets crowded and hectic.

Your new server, who’s been on the job less than a week, asks a large group what they would like to drink, and misses one of the ID’s for a beer order.

And during busy hours, customers are flowing in almost as quickly as the drinks can be served.

That means that if your employee is tired, distracted, or looks away even for a moment, a birthday is easily misread, or an age is easily mis-calculated in the chaotic, dark, hustle and bustle. 

Before you know it, you’ve sold to a 19-year-old and someone found out.

What happens if I get caught serving a minor? 

When it happens it isn’t pretty.

Your employee gets fined. You get fined. And in most cases, you end up having to fire that employee, regardless of how long they’ve been working for you, or how well they’ve performed at their job up until this point.

Here’s an example of an actual failed alcohol compliance check in Ohio:

You need to go to court to appeal, get a lawyer, and pay the fine you’ve been issued. And even at that, you risk suspension of your liquor license on even your second offense.

But what if you could simplify the ID checking process and eliminate having to fumble with identification at the door or bar? 

What if you could eliminate human error from the process and virtually guarantee you won’t sell to a minor (and jeopardize your business in the process)?

What if you could verify your customers’ age within seconds, and do it in a way that removes the burden from your employees?

Minor Decliner’s ID Scanner For Bars 

As it turns out ID scanners for nightclubs and bars are so effective for preventing underage alcohol sales, that 11 states have gone so far as to pass affirmative defense provision laws.

That means if you’re using a scanner, you’re not liable if a sale to a minor occurs.

And even outside of those states, having an age verification scanner in place and demonstrating a genuine effort to identify and eliminate potential underage sales goes a long ways towards reducing penalties were you to be caught selling alcohol to a minor.

But most likely, you’ll never even have to worry about it, because putting an ID scanner in place significantly reduces your risk exposure.

When you scan a driver’s license with our ID scanner

The wireless barcode scanner transmits the signal, from up to 10 feet away,  to the screen and announces the result in less than a second.

With the ability to scan any US or Canadian license, this process:

  • Prevents mistakes that can occur during busy times.
  • Provides a fast ID check which reduces wait times and keeps long lines moving.
  • Will clearly announce underage patrons, which significantly reduces the possibility of confrontation, and the stress of saying “no” for your employees.

In addition, our system:

  • Includes an “anti-passback” feature. This will alert you to multiple scans from the same ID within a specified period of time, and prevent legal patrons from passing their already-scanned ID back to someone younger to try to purchase alcohol or enter your establishment.
  • Allows you to flag troublemakers. These individuals can be “BANNED” within the system to be immediately recognized later on if that same ID is scanned.
  • Provides compliance logging in the event you go to court. The Compliance Audit data logging feature can be set to automatically record all ID scans made, with a timestamp and unique identifiers, which is flexibly able to comply with every state’s PII laws with password protection.

It’s designed to make your employee’s lives easier, and most especially protect your business from underage alcohol sales.

Order Your Minor Decliner ID Scanner And Protect Your Business Today

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"It is eye catching and does very good job to protect the business and employees to selling alcoholic beverages and tobacco products without struggling to figure out the age, I love it." ~ Narinderjit S.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ID Scanners For Bars

Is it a felony to sell alcohol to a minor?

In the large majority if circumstances you'll face misdemeanor charges. However, there are certain states and circumstances where you could face felony charges.

Is selling alcohol to a minor a misdemeanor?

The majority of states punish as a misdemeanor. In most cases this means you will be fined, but it also carries with it the potential for liquor license revocation, probation, and jail time.

What about fake IDs? How are those handled?

Although fake ID’s are not detectable with barcode scanner, there are ways to identify fakes through training and inspection. We provide a Fake ID Checking Guide for this specific purpose.

Why is Minor Decliner’s scanner better than the other ID scanners for bars and nightclubs available on the market?

Our scanner is not only the fastest (less than 1 second to provide the sale/no sale answer) and most user-friendly system available, it’s also the lowest cost option for the features it provides (multiple product scanning, anti-passback, compliance logging, etc.)

Additionally, there is just a one time cost, and it never needs updating, it’s stand alone and does not require an internet connection, and you own the device (and don’t have to count on your staff to bring their phone and use an application).

Any additional questions?

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