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ID Scanner for Bars, Restaurants, Wineries, & Breweries

Prevent the Sale of Alcohol to Minors with ID Scanners!


Let's Face It...

Let’s face it, running a bar, restaurant, nightclub, winery, & brewery are already a tough business.

You’ve got licensing to worry about, a young staff that frequently turns over and needs to be trained on the job, and the potential for trouble whenever alcohol is being served.

You ride the edge on both liability and profit margins, and so the last thing you need is to have accidentally served alcohol to a minor… or worse to an agent in a local police sting.

But those things, unfortunately, happen to bars and nightclubs every day and when they do, it can be costly. Thankfully, implementing an ID scanner for bars can entirely prevent underage alcohol sales for your business. You may quickly and easily check the age of every consumer entering your business using a bar ID scanner.

You’re at a higher risk of selling to a minor than you think. So, keep minors and troublemakers out of your venue with the top-quality id scanner machine for bars.

A recent study of alcohol enforcement showed a 10-20% violation rate for all businesses tested. That means that unless you have above-average training, diligent employees, and a rock-solid system, there’s a high likelihood your establishment will get checked, and flagged. And even that may not be enough, especially with alcohol compliance checks on the rise across the board.

And if you get caught, the penalties can be severe!

Given what can happen when you get penalized, that’s not a good bet to take.

Bars and other places that serve alcohol run the risk of losing their license if they repeatedly fail age compliance checks.

Hence, use ID scanners for bars to protect your business from legal liability. Heavy fines and, in severe circumstances, the loss of your license to operate a bar can result from selling alcohol to minors. Even the most skilled employees occasionally struggle to spot a false ID, but our professional bar ID scanners consistently determine the legitimacy of an ID card.

Advantages of Implementing ID Scanning For Bars

- Eliminate Risk of Losing Your Business Licence
- Reduce Wait Times At Your Entrance
- Enhance Customer Experience
- Collect Demographic Information
- Protect Your Business Reputation

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Looking for Assistance to Select an ID Scanner for Your Bar and Restaurants?

Use MinorDecliner's cutting-edge, high-quality bar ID scanner equipment to improve your age and identity verification procedures. To support your company's needs and stop underage people from entering your locations, shop for the best ID scanners and age verification systems.

With the help of our age verification system, you can confirm the identity of almost anyone who enters your establishment, which will help you manage it more efficiently while safeguarding your brand and customers' safety.

We provide a large selection of ID scanners for pubs, clubs, wineries, and breweries. In a matter of seconds, our ID scanners can read and record IDs from every US state, Canada, and military ID.

Why do Underage Alcohol Sales Happen?

Most of the time it’s entirely unintentional.

  • Your bouncer is at the door, checking hundreds of IDs each night, and it gets crowded and hectic.
  • Your new server, who’s been on the job less than a week, asks a large group what they would like to drink, and misses one of the ID’s for a beer order.
  • And during busy hours, customers are flowing in almost as quickly as the drinks can be served.
  • That means that if your employee is tired, distracted, or looks away even for a moment, a birthday is easily misread, or an age is easily mis-calculated in the chaotic, dark, hustle and bustle.

Before you know it, you’ve sold to a 19-year-old and someone found out.

What Happens if I Get Caught Serving a Minor?

When it happens it isn’t pretty.

  • Your employee gets fined. You get fined. And in most cases, you end up having to fire that employee, regardless of how long they’ve been working for you, or how well they’ve performed at their job up until this point.
  • You need to go to court to appeal, get a lawyer, and pay the fine you’ve been issued. And even at that, you risk suspension of your liquor license on even your second offense.

But what if you could simplify the ID checking process and eliminate having to fumble with identification at the door or bar?

What if you could eliminate human error from the process and virtually guarantee you won’t sell to a minor (and jeopardize your business in the process)?

What if you could verify your customers’ age within seconds, and do it in a way that removes the burden from your employees?

To overcome all these issue, a bar must implement an age verification system using a quick or error-free bar ID scanner. Therefore, we at MinorDecliner, help your team stop alcohol sales to minors & catch fake IDs by implementing ID scanner machine for bars. Our age-verification system for bars is simple,fast, and easy to use. Businesses can use it to efficiently and reliably check patrons' IDs, identify banned people and frequent customers, and abide by rules like age limitations without compromising the quality of their services.


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