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Minor Decliner Plus - Definitive, Portable, On-Demand Fake ID Scanner

Will a Fake ID be Detected by an ID Scanner?

Can Fake IDs Pass ID Scanners?

As you probably know, Fake ID detection is challenging. Driver’s Licenses are printed with a variety of security features. While these features are updated frequently to stay ahead of counterfeits, the forgers of fake IDs are close behind, updating the fakes to stay current.

Many Fake IDs are well-created. Security features on IDs are intended to be subtle, and therefore “good” fake IDs can be nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, even for the most experienced reviewer.

Fake ID vendors often advertise their counterfeits as “scannable.” So, it’s reasonable to ask whether or not an ID scanner will realistically catch a fake ID.

Minor Decliner Plus Solution - Powered by Intellicheck

Minor Decliner has partnered with Intellicheck to provide a world-class Fake ID scanner machine incorporated into Minor Decliners world-class ID Scanners. Intellicheck is considered the gold standard in Fake ID detection, used by Police Departments and large banks and financial institutions.

Now you can have this “Police Grade” fake id checking machine in an economical, easy-to-use handheld system. No Fake ID detection scanner is perfect, but based on our testing and other studies, we feel the system will detect 90% of Fake ID’s.

How Fake ID Scanner Machine Work?

  • The Minor Decliner Plus is our rugged Portal be ID Scanner with Trigger Handle, with the Intellicheck Fake ID module activated.
  • Requires a stable WIFI signal to use the Intellicheck Fake ID module. Your initial purchase comes with 50 Fake ID Check credits.
  • The Minor Decliner Plus will scan IDs, check for the legal age, check for expired, and give a sale / no sale answer.
  • For the clients you are suspect of, and you want to do a Fake ID check, simply press a button, and that scan will be checked for Fake ID via Intellicheck. It takes about 3 seconds for the OK or Fail answer.
  • You can use the Fake ID credits as you need them. The credits remain on your account util you use them up. When you need more, you contact us, and added credits can be purchased.

ID Checks the Minor Decliner Plus Performs 

On-Demand Fake ID Detection Machine

Minor Decliner Plus - Definitive, Portable, On-Demand Fake ID Detection Tool

Minor Decliner Smart ID Scanner

What’s Fake ID Scanner Cost?

The Minor Decliner plus Includes: 

  • Minor Decliner Portable ID scanner with Trigger Handle
  • Enhanced service program ($120 Per year – Included with your initial purchase)
  • 50 Fake ID Credits
  • Software updates
  • 1 year warranty on hardware and software
  • See Product Page (link for current cost)

Refill credits can be purchased when you need them Pricing for Refill credits is TBD based on your projected volume and needs.

Is Minor Decliner Plus available with Volume Discounts?

Yes- Lets chat to discuss your business needs, volumes, and we can develop a custom program for you.

Minor Decliner Plus Buying Process

How To Buy Fake ID Scanner for any Industry [Purchase Process]

The Minor Decliner Plus (Minor Decliner Smart ID Scanner) contains advanced technology for FAKE ID detection, so we need to verify the business purchasing the system, and your legitimate use of the system for Fake ID detection. 

After Business verification, we will send over Terms / Conditions for you to accept, then you will get a code to purchase the system. 

Terms / Conditions 

  1. All the business validation information provided is accurate.
  2. We understand this system needs a WIFI connection for the Intellicheck Fake ID check. We can provide a reasonably strong WIFI signal to this system.
  3. Fake ID checks are on demand, at the user’s discretion, and are purchased in packages of checks, so you can use these as you need them. They will not expire. When you are low, you will email us at for a refill order link.
  4. Credits / Checks are units allocated for each device. For example, If you have 3 ID Scanners, each will have their own credit bank If we detect a pattern of unusual or fraudulent use, that indicates other than normal business use of Intellicheck Fake ID detection, we may suspend your account for Intellicheck access and discuss the concerns with you. The system will continue to have normal ID scanning functions if this situation occurs.
  5. This is a technical product; Minor Decliner will provide training videos and 1 - 20 min virtual training session to make sure you understand how this works.
  6. There are no refunds on intellicheck credits purchased.
  7. Refill packages are a standard 50 per refill pack. Custom quantities can be developed for your business.
  8. While the Fake ID detection by Intellicheck is excellent and the current gold standard for Fake ID checking, it is not perfect. There will be scans where a fake is not detected. We provide a feedback button in the program that can be used to flag those suspected cases and be used to help improve the overall Fake ID detection algorithm.

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