The Simple, Fast Age Verification Scanner
That Prevents Underage Sales

  • Scan any state drivers license and Minor Decliner's age verification scanner system announces the result in less than 3 seconds.
  • Easily customizable to any age-restricted product, including: Tobacco, Lottery, Alcohol, Cannabis, Vapor, and more.
  • Guarantee a legal sale 100% of the time and eliminate warning letters, fines, and loss of license.
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"Not sure why I put off ordering this. It is great!" ~ Cindy Gray

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Mistakes Happen… But They Come At A Cost

  • In some states you have up to a 1 in 4 chance of selling tobacco to a underage buyer. And the numbers aren’t much better for alcohol and other age-restricted products.
  • If you do get caught, not only will you be fined, your employee will as well. And with FDA and state fines increasing up to $1,000 for a 1st offense, that’s not a chance you want to take.
  • Bottom line: as simple as it seems to verify someone's birth date on an ID, it’s far too easy to mis-calculate age, especially when your staff are tired and busy.

Not limited to any one county, state, or province, the risk of an underage sale is present for businesses all across the US and Canada.

With Minor Decliner, not only are you insured against these mistakes, but your staff will thank you for making their jobs easier and more secure.

Just take it from these business owners:

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"We own 5 convenient stores in Kentucky... trust me you don't want to get hit with a fine for selling to a minor... The best part about them is that when you scan a license and the person is under age, the screen will beep alarms, and show red circles with a slash through them. This takes all the worry off of the employee from having to tell them no, and lets the screen do the work for them. I've had numerous employees tell me how much they like that and how it makes life less stressful for them. Can't say enough nice things about The product or the company. If you're in the market for one of these devices, look no further. This is the one for you!"

Jason Dunaway on Jan 07, 2017

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"We have 4 Tobacco stores. We card anyone who looks under 27 according to FDA laws. We thought we were safe. But... an employee carded - but misread an I.D. on a sting operation. The employee was fined. We had to make it idiot proof and we did! We bought Minor Decliners for each store... It takes the pressure off of an employee and is an insurance policy against misread I.D's. and worth every cent when you think of the repercussions of losing your license or getting a store closed for 30 days! Believe me, it obviously can happen. Their customer service is outstanding!"

Ron Jung on Feb 28, 2017

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“We have six different Tobacco Stores in Vancouver and Longview. We card anybody who looks under 30 years of age... We found Minor Decliner online and it made our life so much easier. It is a great product and extremely simple to use. They send you the product all geared up and ready to install. So no more miscalculations of the ID dates! Well worth spending your money!!”

Esha Chopra on Mar 10, 2017

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"It is eye catching and does very good job to protect the business and employees to selling alcoholic beverages and tobacco products without struggling to figure out the age, I love it."

Narinderjit S. on Nov 5, 2016

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Advanced Protection: Compliance Audit Feature, VIP/BAN Status, Anti ID Pass Back, And More

  • The Compliance Audit data logging feature can automatically record all ID scans made with a date and time stamp, and unique Identifiers, so that you can verify the system is being used. Also included is an export to Excel feature for long term tracking and review.
  • Minor Decliner's Customer Management options allow you to tag visitors. Troublemakers can be assigned a BANNED status to alert your staff. Or your best customers can be recognized by marking them as VIP's in the system.
  • The Customer Frequency module can alert you to visits within a specified number of hours by the same person. This can be used to prevent cases where someone enters your establishment using their legitimate ID, and then passes it back to someone younger who tries to use it to purchase or enter.
  • Easily change the home screen setup to test for multiple age-restricted item combinations. Minor Decliner can accommodate up to six age-restricted items.
  • Quickly swivel the display stand to face the customer after a scan. The system can say "NO" and help your employees to diffuse difficult customers.
  • The optional Advertising Module can be set up to display your advertising messages when the system is not in use, with the system able to instantly "wake up" when used for a scan with no delay.
  • Multi-scanner support so that one Minor Decliner system can share up to 4 scanners, offering efficiency and reduced cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the product have any ongoing fees?

No. Minor Decliner's ID Scanner is a one-time purchase that includes all of the hardware and software pre-loaded, ready to put into place and start scanning.

How does your scanner read the customer’s ID?

Unlike other magnetic swipe age verification scanners and card readers, our system uses a handheld ID scanner to read the barcode on the back of any US or Canadian identification using driver’s license scanning software. All state and province issued ID’s can be scanned so that the customer’s age can be immediately determined.

How do you compare to the competition?

We offer the best value when compared to other age verification scanners on the market. Our pricing is all-inclusive with no added costs for stands, cables, or additional applications, and our age verification scanner has the most in-app flexibility, best functionality (scans easily in under a second) and features (anti-passback, compliance audit, customer tagging) all included.

Additionally, when you purchase from us, you get direct, comprehensive support. When you call or email, you get the owner. I will answer any questions promptly and resolve your issue.

Does the application need to be updated each year?

No. The calendar within the software auto-updates. If any changes are made to the minimum legal age for any of the products you sell, it's easy to reconfigure that setting within the app.

Is an internet connection needed to operate the ID Scanner or software?

No. Minor Decliner's scanner and software are standalone.

What setup or configuration is required?

Minor Decliner comes out of the box ready to use with minimal user setup. You'll have the opportunity to provide us with the configuration you'd like at checkout. Then just simply turn it on when it arrives and go.

Does your system work for bars and nightclubs?

Because our age verification scanner can also allow you to tag someone as “BANNED” and detect whether an ID has been “passed back” to an underage patron, our system works perfectly as an ID checker for bars, and can dramatically speed the process of checking ID’s when lines are long.

Additionally, unlike other ID scanners for bars, our system is wireless (Some Models). This means your bouncer or bartender can be up to 10 feet away from the main unit and still read a patron’s ID without issue. You can find more information on how our ID scanner for bars works here.

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