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Cost Effective and Easy to use ID Scanners

Cost Effective and Easy to use ID Scanners


Cost Effective and Easy to use ID Scanners

Countertop Demo video

Countertop Demo video

Cost Effective and Easy to use ID Scanners

Minor Decliners Family of Smart ID Scanners

Countertop with Integrated Scanner

$ 634.00

$ 900.00

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Smart Mobile-C ID Scanner

$ 649.00

$ 995.00

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Portable with Integrated Barcode Scanner

$ 880.00

$ 1,350.00

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Portable with Integrated Barcode Scanner & Handle

$ 956.00

$ 1,350.00

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About Fake ID Detection

In general, our ID Scanners (and most ID scanners) do not detect fake IDs from a barcode scan. They
detect if a person is over 21, and that ID is not expired, based on the barcode. These systems prevent
the sale to an underage person using a real or expired ID and prevent errors due to manual age
calculation. The current national failure rate for this type of error is 10-20%.

There is different software needed for robust FAKE ID detection. If you have an existing system, and you
need / want Fake ID detection, please contact us so we can upgrade you for this technology package.

If you are purchasing a new system, it likely has this technology onboard it just needs to be configured.

If you want to explore this. please call us @ 888-310-4001 or email @, and we
will discuss the upgrade steps. For details on how we detect fake IDs, visit this link, Cost Effective & Easy to Use ID Scanners by Minor Decliner.

We Eliminate the Risk of Selling Age-Restricted Products to Teens & Kids

Minor Decliner provides age verification ID scanner solutions that eliminate illegal underage sales and access of age restricted products.

Our mission is to provide the most robust, advanced, and easy-to-use age verification systems and technology.

We are the 1st in the industry to implement a new age verification protocol put into place by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).

Products by industry

Establishments That Use Minor Decliner ID Scanners


TruAge Certified

Faster, simpler, and more secure digital ID verification with TruAge™

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Why Minor Decliner?

MinorDecliner™ is simple to use and easy to train. The system allows for fast scanning of State-issued IDs and Drivers Licenses for reliable data entry.

We read the 2D PDF417 Barcode in all 50 states and give fast, audible, and visible "Sale or No Sale" results.

We detect expired IDs and underage consumers with the MinorDecliner™ system. This is the ideal product to increase your employees' efficiency, help check IDs properly, and reduce the "human error" factor.

We support multiple scanners on the same tablet, ensuring various check-out stations can share one tablet and therefore reduce implementation costs at the store level.

What our current users say

"We were looking for age verification solutions several years ago focused on the cannabis industry and found Minor Decliner. We have them in all our stores and they are quick and accurate, and simple to use for all our age verification needs."

-Charisse, Lightshade Labs

"We have been working with Minor Decliner for 2 years. Their gaming room entry system has been a reliable solution that has provided ID scanning capability to our video gaming rooms. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking ID scanning solution provider."

-Tim S., Regional Business Development Manager

"I should have learned... I could have purchased several MinorDecliner's for the cost of the fines. The system is a no brainer - just scan the ID and get an instant answer"

-Richard, Convenience Store Owner

"We needed an age verification system to meet unique industry specific requirements. Minor Decliner was the obvious choice. From the beginning, they listened to our needs and now (years into our relationship) continue to be an extremely responsive and agile partner."

-John, Security Firm - Illinois

"We purchased a Minor Decliner in March of 2019 after an enforcement violation in the previous month when we were very busy on a Friday evening. An employee checked an ID in good faith and while the year was valid for purchase, the month of birthdate was not. Needless to say, the price of Minor Decliner was half the price of the violation."

-Tom M., Distribution Inc. Danville, PA

About Our Product

The Minor Decliner Smart ID Scanner is simple to use and easy to train. The system allows for fast scanning of State-issued IDs and Drivers Licenses for reliable data entry.

Our ID Scanner for bars reads the 2D PDF417 Barcode in all 50 states and give fast, audible, and visible Sale or No Sale results.This is a high quality age verification machine that detects expired IDs and underage consumers.This drivers license scanner is the ideal product to increase your employees efficiency, help check IDs properly, and reduce the human error factor.Our ID Scanner is so flexible that we support multiple scanners on the same tablet, ensuring various check-out stations can share one tablet, reducing implementation costs at the store level.

Mobile Capabilities

Mobile ID Scanning improves data quality Mobile ID and document scanning removes human error from your process and improves the quality of your data. Electronic signatures and photo ID scanners are a modern tool used by financial institutions to speed up customer transactions and deter fraud.Minor Decliner ID scanners are rugged, cost-effective mobile ID scanners for businesses and universities for bars, nightclubs, independent businesses and businesses. Not only does our customers liability insurance decrease, but you do the right thing by avoiding underage sales. Minor Decliners Age Verification ID Scanner, is cost effective, robust and easy to use.Our ID scanners feature state-of-the-art technology, including wall-mounted ID scanners, driver's license scanners, bar ID scanners, and portable age verification scanners.

Does Minor Decliner detect fake IDs?

Yes. For those customers that need robust and definitive Fake ID Detection, we now have integrated
Intellicheck fake ID detection. There is different software needed for robust FAKE ID detection then is
used in normal ID scanning and your system would need an upgrade to activate this technology package.
We have very easy and cost-effective steps to upgrade you, for both new and existing systems. If you
want to explore this. please call us @ 888-310-4001 or email @, and we will
discuss the upgrade steps. For more details on fake id detection with Intellicheck, click here to learn
more (Fake ID Scanner (


Our vision is to eliminate sales and access of age-restricted products to minors to protect businesses.

We address a critical need to provide an easy-to-use age verification solution to prevent sales of age-restricted products to minors and we protect retailers from ever increasing penalties and enforcement.

Smart Technology Integration

Intelligent Fake Detection™

We have a included the Intelligent Fake Detection™ system. Your staff has 5 to 10 seconds to determine if an ID is fake or real and fraudulent. ID detection is forensically very difficult. With over 25 security features on a typical driver's license that have been faked in a way that to pass inspection by almost anyone.

Fake Detection™ / FakDetector™ System

Our patent-pending Intelligent Fake Detection™ / FakDetector™ System uses behavior-based algorithms to check for fraudulent IDs, as well as to document that the check was completed. 

We choose from a list of best practice questions gathered from the best bouncers and door staff. Your team can make an educated decision and document the result in a compliance log. 

This system removes the worry and assures consistency for all forms of ID checks in the easy natural flow of ID scanning for age verification.

Compliance Ready!

The Minor Decliner license scanner provides a complete and local onboard system for checking and maintaining a compliance log. Store managers to check system use, associate the user with a specific sales associate, and review the results of the intelligent fake detection module.Owners and managers can log in to the system and immediately know which staff member performed the scan. Managers can also export scan logs and auto-erase the records after user-configurable days (1-365 days).This system complies with different states' requirements for data retention.


Orders are generally shipped within 3 business days after your order. Orders received after 2PM eastern time are processed the next business day. We strive to ship as soon as we can, and we will let you know if there are any delays or issues. If you need your item ASAP, or it needs special attention, please, and we will see how we can help. If you need the item expedited, please order using an expedited shipping method. Also please understand that shipping companies don’t count the weekend or holidays in transit time. For example if you ordered a product at 3pm on Friday. The order would process, and ship on Monday thru Wednesday. We strive to ship ASAP, so if in stock it will ship Monday.  That does not count as a shipping day. If you specified 2 day, Your would get the item on Day 2 which is Wednesday. We cant be responsible for any carrier or weather delays.

Please contact us if you have a specific day you need your items, and we will work with you to make it happen.

Top Benefits of ID Scanners Provided by Minor Decliner

Secure Identity Verification Made Simple and Powerful

At Minor Decliner, we revolutionize how businesses ensure identity and age verification. We strive to provide advanced, efficient, secure ID verification solutions that fit effortlessly into your everyday operations. Our focus lies on delivering the future of identity-proofing with unparalleled accuracy.

Trusted By Millions: A Comprehensive Approach to ID Verification

Our ID scanning devices scan and analyze millions of IDs weekly, empowering businesses across various industries to understand better and serve their customers. Whether it's managing compliance, mitigating risk, or enhancing customer experience, we've got your back.

Unmatched Suite of Services

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to meet your unique needs. From Digital Identity Verification to Age Verification and Fake ID Detection, we promise a simple, secure, and seamless experience.

  • Digital Identity Verification: Authenticate identities digitally with pinpoint accuracy and speed.
  • ID Scanning: Capture, analyze, and validate millions of IDs with ease.
  • ID Authentication: Securely authenticate IDs to ensure genuine users and transactions.
  • Fake ID Detection: Advanced technology to detect fraudulent IDs, protecting your business from potential risks.
  • Age Verification: Ensure compliance with age restrictions efficiently and reliably.

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Join the Age of Secure Digital Verification

Take the first step towards a safer, more secure business. Say goodbye to manual checks and human errors. Say hello to reliability and peace of mind. We’re here to help you confidently navigate the world of digital identification.

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