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Age Verification Made Easy. Prevent Theft and Increase Security.

Age Verification Made Easy. Prevent Theft and Increase Security.

Easy, secure age checks & theft prevention for smarter businesses.


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Secure Your Sales

Consistently prevent underage sales and avoid legal risks.

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Protect Your Business

Reliably spot even sophisticated fake IDs with a simple scan.

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Speed Up Service

Achieve consistent and reliable age verification.

Secure Age Verification & Loss Prevention

Our mission is to empower businesses to create a safe, secure, and trustworthy environment for their customers and staff. We achieve this by providing innovative and reliable age-verification solutions that:

  • Streamline ID checks and finds fake IDs
  • Flexible and easy to use Countertop and Portable Solutions Eliminates underage access to age restricted areas as gaming rooms and over 21 shops
  • Deters theft and enables automated loss prevention for beer coolers, beer caves, and any retail display
  • With Minor Decliner, compliance, and enhanced security become effortless. Our flexible systems make it a breeze to implement comprehensive solutions for bars, dispensaries, casinos, convenience stores, and any business that prioritizes responsible operation and customer trust. Focus on what you do best – serving your customers – while Minor Decliner allows you to do business with confidence, knowing you have a secure and trustworthy age checking solution environment on your side.

Minor Decliners Family of Smart ID Scanners

Countertop with Integrated Scanner


$ 900.00

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Smart Mobile-C ID Scanner

$ 649.00

$ 995.00

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Portable with Integrated Barcode Scanner

$ 880.00

$ 1,350.00

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Portable with Integrated Barcode Scanner & Handle

$ 956.00

$ 1,350.00

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Effortless Compliance & Enhanced Security

Minor Decliner streamlines age verification with user-friendly scanners and intuitive and easy to use operations, while advanced fake ID detection and Access Control Systems eliminate underage access and deter thefts, improves loss prevention, builds trust and safeguards your business.

Prioritizing Data Privacy

The Minor Decliner scanner prioritizes data privacy with configurable data logging for compliance checking. It offers a local and optional cloud based logging for reviewing scan activity. Managers can configure the system to automatically erase scan logs after a user-defined timeframe, ranging from 1 to 365 days, to ensure compliance with various state regulations regarding data retention.

Let's Chat About Age Verification Solutions

Industries We Serve

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Convenience Stores

ID scanners can efficiently verify age for legitimate customers while also helping to deter and identify underage customers attempting to purchase restricted products, such as certain tobacco, alcohol and vape goods.

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Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

Use countertop and mobile ID scanners  for quick sale / no sale flagging, compliance logging, and with optional fake ID detection. Use at the table, at the bar, or the door to ensure that only those who are of legal age can purchase age-restricted products, or in some cases enter your business. 

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Vape Shops & Dispensaries

Countertop ID Scanners for quick sale / no sale flagging, compliance logging, and with optional fake ID detection.  Minor Decliner's ID scanner at your entry door verifies age, improves security, and denies entry to underage customers.

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Retail Stores

Minor Decliner's ID scanner for beer caves/coolers and any lockable retail display verifies age and restricts access to those over 21, increases seamless loss prevention, and reduces theft by enforcing a ID scan for any access. It can also enforce local no-sale times.

What our current users say

"We were looking for age verification solutions several years ago focused on the cannabis industry and found Minor Decliner. We have them in all our stores and they are quick and accurate, and simple to use for all our age verification needs."

-Charisse, Lightshade Labs

"We have been working with Minor Decliner for 2 years. Their gaming room entry system has been a reliable solution that has provided ID scanning capability to our video gaming rooms. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking ID scanning solution provider."

-Tim S., Regional Business Development Manager

"I should have learned... I could have purchased several MinorDecliner's for the cost of the fines. The system is a no brainer - just scan the ID and get an instant answer"

-Richard, Convenience Store Owner

"We needed an age verification system to meet unique industry specific requirements. Minor Decliner was the obvious choice. From the beginning, they listened to our needs and now (years into our relationship) continue to be an extremely responsive and agile partner."

-John, Security Firm - Illinois

"We purchased a Minor Decliner in March of 2019 after an enforcement violation in the previous month when we were very busy on a Friday evening. An employee checked an ID in good faith and while the year was valid for purchase, the month of birthdate was not. Needless to say, the price of Minor Decliner was half the price of the violation."

-Tom M., Distribution Inc. Danville, PA