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ID Scanner for C-Stores & Gas Stations

ID Scanner for C-Stores & Gas Stations

Use Our ID Scanner Technology for Your Alcohol, Energy Drinks, CBD, Lottery, Tobacco, & Vape Shops and Prevent Illegal Product Sales to Minors.


Protect Your Convenience Store from Selling Age-restricted Products to Minors

An effective ID scanner machine can prevent underage sales, combat fraud or fake identity of visitors, safeguard priceless assets, and ensure compliance at your convenience store or gas station.

MinorDecliner™ addresses a critical need prevent sales of age-restricted products to minors and enhances security with ID scanning techology.

ID Scanner Machine’s Key Features for C-Stores

  • 4 Icons specific for C Store Markets
  • Works for nicotine, cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products
  • Test for legal lottery sale
  • Logging to check scanning history
  • Intelligent Fake Detection(™) - learn more
  • Capability to add and Item Purchase restriction limits
  • CBD-Ready

Available Customizations

Richard, Convenience Store Owner

Richard, Convenience Store Owner

“I should have learned… I could have purchased several MinorDecliner’s for the cost of the fines. The system is a no brainer – just scan the ID and get an instant answer.”

New Product: Contactless ID Scanning Door Sentinel(™)

Add contactless ID scanning to your business and ensure underage patrons are stopped at your doors.

With our ID scanning equipment, you can quickly verify the age of visitors, catch fake IDs, prevent convenience store fraud, prevent underage sales, enhance security & enable regulatory compliance.

Not only does the customer scan at the door prior to entry, but they can have their ID scanned again at the point of sale.

Many states already have laws on the books that mandate no underage allowed in the store/establishments.

Signs saying “Must be 21 to enter” act as weak, often ignored, reminders of the law—but if we are being honest, does this really work?

Without an ID Scanner System, Mistakes are Easy to Make

Scan any state drivers license and Minor Decliners™ Age Verification system announces the result in seconds.

Age-restricted products are widely available in convenience stores. Therefore, every convenience store owner must take proactive measures to stop children from accessing age-restricted goods. It entails establishing a standard of the challenge for ID by posting suitable warning signage, preparing your employees for dealing with minor customers, and making sure your ID scanning technology or equipment is operational.

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The statistics show you have a 1 in 4 change of selling tobacco to a underage buyer.

  • It is easy to miscalculate the age from the birthday, especially when staff are tired and busy.
  • Fines are increasing to $1000 for the 1st offense. Regulated at the federal, state and local level.
  • The FDA inspected 162,000 retailers last year and gave 18,000 violations. Don't risk your sales license and be one of the next 18,000 fined.
  • Both the owner and the staff get fines. Your staff and you can't afford to be a negative statistic
  • New employees are at high risk of making a mistake. Help new employees get it right. Studies show your new workers are 5x more likely to make a mistake. This is a big problem in locations with high turnover.
  • Avoid confrontation with customers. The system says No Sale, achieving full compliance and avoiding a conformation with customers.
  • We include a audit/compliance log to so managers and owners can review to make sure the system is being used all the time.
  • It is low cost insurance that will protect you and your people.

By checking the above facts, you now got understand that owners of convenience stores are required by local legislation to take action to stop the sale of age-restricted goods to minors. If you don't comply, you could face severe consequences, like having to shut down your company.

Our ID scanners help you protect your business by reducing the risk of underage sales and false IDs. We at Minor Decliner offer low-cost, easy-to-use ID scanning devices that validate IDs instantly and identify fake identities at the point of sale with little to no training.

So, don't delay! To protect your convenience store from fraud, expensive fines, and fake IDs - Call us at 888-310-4001 and consult about buying the best ID scanner equipment for your convenience shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an ID scanner, and how does it work?

An ID scanner is a device that scans and reads the data from a driver's license or another identification card. The scanner uses a camera to capture an image of the ID. After that, the software analyzes the data to verify the authenticity of the ID and the age of the individual.

Q: Why do convenience stores and gas stations need ID scanners?

Convenience stores and gas stations often use ID scanners to prevent selling age-restricted products, such as tobacco and alcohol, to underage individuals. By scanning and verifying the ID of customers, stores can ensure that they comply with legal age restrictions and avoid potential fines or legal issues.

Q: What types of identification cards can be scanned with an ID scanner?

ID scanners can scan various identification cards, including driver's licenses, passports, and military IDs. Some scanners can also read barcodes and magnetic strips on ID cards.

Q: What are the benefits of using an ID scanner for convenience stores and gas stations?

There are several benefits to using an ID scanner for convenience stores and gas stations, including ensuring compliance with age restrictions, reducing the risk of selling age-restricted products to underage customers, and avoiding potential legal issues and fines. Additionally, ID scanners can help improve customer confidence in the store's commitment to safety and compliance.

Q: Can ID scanners track customer behavior or purchase history?

ID scanners are not typically used to track customer behavior or purchase history. They are designed solely to verify the authenticity of an ID and the age of the individual and to prevent the sale of age-restricted products to underage customers.

Q: Are ID scanners expensive?

The cost of an ID scanner can vary depending on the specific model and features. However, the cost of an ID scanner can be offset by the potential savings from avoiding fines and legal issues related to selling age-restricted products to underage customers. Additionally, some vendors offer leasing or rental options for ID scanners, which can be a more affordable for some businesses.

Q: Can ID scanners be integrated with point-of-sale (POS) systems?

Many ID scanners can be integrated with POS systems to streamline the purchase process and ensure that the sale of age-restricted products complies with legal requirements. Integration with POS systems can also provide additional benefits, such as inventory management and sales tracking.

Q: What happens if an underage individual attempts to purchase age-restricted products with a fake ID?

If an underage individual attempts to purchase age-restricted products with a fake ID, the ID scanner will typically detect the fraudulent ID and prevent the sale from occurring. Additionally, the store may take further action, such as contacting law enforcement or banning the individual.