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Age Verification Compliance Suite ™ - AVCS™

MinorDecliner™ provides a complete and local onboard system for checking and maintaining a compliance log.

  • Store managers to check system use, associate the user with a specific sales associate, and review the results of the intelligent fake detection module.
  • Owners and managers can log in to the system and immediately know which staff member performed the scan.
  • Managers can also export scan logs and auto-erase the records after user-configurable days (1-365 days).

This system complies with different states' requirements for data retention.

Contactless Scanning with Dual Scanners 

We easily and flexibly support contactless age verification that supports socially distanced scans.

Using two scanners, you can have one on the counter and another at the door.

You can use the same system to pre-screen customers into the store, and then age verify them again at the point of purchase.

Intelligent Fake Detection™ with FakDetector™

Detection of fraudulent IDs is forensically very difficult.

  • There are over 25 security features on a typical driver's license, and most have been readily faked in a way that to pass inspection by all but the most skilled investigators.
  • Your staff has 5 to 10 seconds to determine if an ID is fake or real, and you want to make sure your team has the best tools possible for this.
  • MinorDecliner™ is the 1st in the industry to have our patent-pending Intelligent Fake Detection™ / FakDetector™ System.
  • This behavior-based algorithm and method is systematically applied to check for fraudulent IDs and to document that the check was completed in our Age Verification Compliance Suite™.

We choose from a list of best practice questions gathered from the best bouncers and door staff. Feedback is provided as questions are answered with a dynamic, responsive FakDetector™ System with TruthMeter. Your team can make an educated decision and document the result in a compliance log.

This system removes the worry and assures consistency for all forms of ID checks in the easy natural flow of ID scanning for age verification

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