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ID Scanner for Door Access Control

$ 3,350.00 $ 5,000.00

Easy to use and install system to insure over 21 access to a route gaming area or any other age restricted space that has a standard door that can accept a electric 12V door striker. (>>> inside mounting only on a standard commercial door <<<

Outside mounting is in development. Please contact us if this your need.

If you have a glass door or another type of door that may not adapt to the electric striker we use, contact us before purchasing. 

Helps with staff burden at the stores by having automatic enforcement of over 21 in a age restricted areas 

Includes all hardware for a simple 15 min installation (once low voltage wires are installed)

Please call or email to discuss your install configuration to ensure the system will work best for your use case. 

Features Include: 

  • Automated contactless ID scanning with output control signal to ensure a 21+ Door Access
  • Instructional video for customers to self-scan
  • Allows fast scanning of state issued ID's and driver’s licenses. Passports are not scanned at this time
  • Gives fast, audible, and visible ”Entry / No Entry” result
  • Detects expired ID's, and underage ID’s 
  • Easy to integrate “Over age” 12V signal
  • Tablet design for flush mount
  • Tablet integrated light bar for added communication
  • Integrated PLC 
  • Future Ready for Digital Identity Tokens as TRUAGE and mDL
  • Low voltage 12V system
  • Close setting to restrict access for certain time periods for automatic enforcement of BLUE laws
  • Flexible mounting to wall or floor stand. 
  • Optional Remote Mounted light-bar (to see door status) 
  • Size - 10"x 10"x3" - weight 5 lbs 
  • 1 year warranty 


  1. Minor Decliners best in class software, tablet, and ID barcode scanner 
  2. Door Control with easy wire landings 
  3. 12V universal door strike
  4. 100 ft low voltage wire 
  5. Remote override switch 
  6. Install schematic, instructions, and videos
  7. Requires Minor Decliners Enhanced Service plan ($120 Annual Fee). This is included in the initial purchase.
  8. Internet access is not required for normal operations, but is highly recommended for software updates (as needed) and maintaining date / time