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Using Door Access Control for Walk-In Beer Caves & Cooler Doors

A lack of proper security at the entrance to a beer cave or for a beer cooler door can increase risks of underage drinking as well as shoplifting, both of which can be incredibly damaging to a business’s reputation and bottom line.

A Door Access Control and Alert system from Minor Decliner serves as a simple automated solution that provides businesses with the peace of mind that no underage individuals will be able to open a door to a product they are not eligible to purchase.

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The Perks – and Drawbacks – of Delivery Cocktails, and a Creative Minor Decliner Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to become more creative. Whether that meant creating a makeshift office in the home or curating the ideal Zoom background, adapting to changing events became key to survival these last couple of years. This extended to the food and beverage industry, where restaurants had to figure out how to create that dine-in experience for their patrons at home. Curbside alcohol and to-go cocktails became a signature part of this newfound creativity, helping to bring in increased revenue to a struggling industry built on gathering indoors. While delivery cocktails provided a sense of comfort and...

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Minor Decliner Becomes First U.S. Dealer to Integrate KEESING Documentchecker with ID Verifying Products

Minor Decliner, adding to their roster of ID-verifying products for businesses selling age-restricted items, has become the first U.S. dealer of the KEESING Documentchecker, an additional way to ensure efficiency, speed and accuracy in the crucial ID-verifying process. With Minor Decliner and the KEESING Documentchecker, businesses can feel confident that their ID-checking processes are virtually error-free and will keep them in compliance with state and national laws.

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How a point of sale (POS) system fail for preventing underage sales

Here’s an example of how a point of sale (POS) system fail for preventing underage sales  A store was fined in 2019 for selling to underage. Since the first infraction, the point of sale has been updated so employees cannot override the birthdate requirement. Identification must be scanned or a date of birth manually entered. Sounds good so far, the store had an issue, and they upgraded their point of sale system to check for underage.  Now the problem - the employee who sold the beverages entered his own birth date rather than check the ID of the agent. This is...

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Parents are now reports places that sell alcohol / tobacco to their kids

We are seeing a growing trend of parents that report sales to minors to the police. The police are responding with surveillance and increased testing. Large fines, arrests, and revocation of sales license are resulting. Latest story on this.  Stores need to get a Minor Decliner ID Scanner to avoid these problems asap. 

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