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Using Door Access Control for Walk-In Beer Caves & Cooler Doors

A lack of proper security at the entrance to a beer cave or for a beer cooler door can increase risks of underage drinking as well as shoplifting, both of which can be incredibly damaging to a business’s reputation and bottom line.

A Door Access Control and Alert system from Minor Decliner serves as a simple automated solution that provides businesses with the peace of mind that no underage individuals will be able to open a door to a product they are not eligible to purchase.

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The Perks – and Drawbacks – of Delivery Cocktails, and a Creative Minor Decliner Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to become more creative. Whether that meant creating a makeshift office in the home or curating the ideal Zoom background, adapting to changing events became key to survival these last couple of years. This extended to the food and beverage industry, where restaurants had to figure out how to create that dine-in experience for their patrons at home. Curbside alcohol and to-go cocktails became a signature part of this newfound creativity, helping to bring in increased revenue to a struggling industry built on gathering indoors. While delivery cocktails provided a sense of comfort and...

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Alcohol, Tobacco Compliance Slips As Checks Resume In Washington

From More alcohol and tobacco vendors are failing age-verification checks since they resumed in May, while Cannabis shops saw improvement. In the months since Washington's Liquor and Cannabis Board resumed compliance checks, state officials have announced that more alcohol and tobacco vendors are failing to verify buyers are of age. The board resumed its random checks in May after pausing them for a year due to the pandemic. The LCB said its initial findings showed "mixed results" from its licensees, with the biggest dip among tobacco vendors Age-verification checks show some industries lagging in compliance Tobacco sales Overall compliance...

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Alcohol Delivery Services need robust training and equipment for age verification

An August 2021 news article in the UNSW Sydney studied world wide Alcohol Delivery Services and in particular noted significant age verification flaws. The researchers compared the policies governing online alcohol sales and home delivery in 77 jurisdictions across six countries. They also conducted a literature review of studies evaluating whether online alcohol retailers comply with age verification requirements. They found that most jurisdictions permit the online sale and delivery of alcohol, but only seven jurisdictions (none in Australia) needed age to be verified online at the time of purchase. Without age checks online, the only barrier to a minor...

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Underage drinking is a $57B problem

Underage drinking not only has serious health consequences for youth, but also costs the US billions of dollars. In 2013, underage drinking costs citizens of the United States $56.9 billion, according to data from the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center. These costs include medical care, work loss and pain and suffering associated with underage drinking. Some of the specific problems associated with underage drinking include homicide, suicide, violent crime, property crime, high-risk sex, fetal alcohol syndrome, alcohol poisoning and the need for alcohol treatment. Each of these problems has a financial cost. Nationally, the largest economic loss from underage drinking...

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