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Nevada Will Require ID Scanning for Tobacco Sales Beginning January 1, 2023

The time is Now - Get your Nevada ID Scanner  Get your ID Scanner HERE  New regulations for Tobacco sales are the reason, as starting January 1, 2023, all tobacco retailers and shops will require an ID Scanner for age verification before checkout. From January 1, 2023, bill AB360 will become a law that has strong regulation on the sales of tobacco, tobacco products, vape products, and e-cigarettes for buyers under 18. The retailers must ensure that the buyers provide a valid ID like a driving license, resident card, or any other government ID for age verification.  Negligence Towards AB360...

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Minor Decliner at The NACS Show 2022

Minor Decliner is honored to be showcased at the 2022 National Association of Convenience Store (NACS) annual show this year! Location: Las Vegas Convention Center Dates: October 1-4, 2022 And once again, we have exciting LIVE demos of our products throughout the show floor!   This year our Door Access Control System is a Finalist for Best New Convenience store product of 2022. There will be a live demo of this system in use on a beer cooler located at the CBE Booth.  Minor Decliner - Booth #3694 CBE - Booth #6002 In addition, the Minor Decliner booth will provide a showcase of our age...

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Age-Old Ice Cream Topping: 21 Year Old's Need ID for Whipped Cream

Multiple outlets began reporting last week on the strange and surprising new law, which appeared to require any New York stores selling canned whipped creams like Reddi Whip to check IDs of customers and only sell to those 21 and over. But before any under-21 ice cream sundae lovers get into a panic, things aren’t as dire as they may seem. Read More

Using Door Access Control for Walk-In Beer Caves & Cooler Doors

A lack of proper security at the entrance to a beer cave or for a beer cooler door can increase risks of underage drinking as well as shoplifting, both of which can be incredibly damaging to a business’s reputation and bottom line.

A Door Access Control and Alert system from Minor Decliner serves as a simple automated solution that provides businesses with the peace of mind that no underage individuals will be able to open a door to a product they are not eligible to purchase.

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Stay Compliant: Don't Allow Under 21 to Gamble

Within route gaming rooms, which are video gambling areas within businesses or stores where someone must be 21 or older to enter and play, ensuring compliance can be a costly ask. Distracted store associates are in need of a reliable solution so that they can tend to profitable customers in a timely manner while feeling safe in the knowledge that the business’s compliance is covered.  Installing a Door Access Control system allows store associates to work unencumbered and ensures compliance with age restriction laws. Read More