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Nevada Will Require ID Scanning for Tobacco Sales Beginning January 1, 2023

The time is Now - Get your Nevada ID Scanner  Get your ID Scanner HERE  New regulations for Tobacco sales are the reason, as starting January 1, 2023, all tobacco retailers and shops will require an ID Scanner for age verification before checkout. From January 1, 2023, bill AB360 will become a law that has strong regulation on the sales of tobacco, tobacco products, vape products, and e-cigarettes for buyers under 18. The retailers must ensure that the buyers provide a valid ID like a driving license, resident card, or any other government ID for age verification.  Negligence Towards AB360...

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General Information about underage sales

Underage sales refer to the sale of age-restricted products or services to individuals who are below the legal age limit. The sale of certain products or services to individuals who are under the age of 18 or 21 (depending on the country or state) is typically prohibited by law, as these products or services may have negative health or societal impacts on young people. Examples of age-restricted products or services include tobacco, alcohol, gambling, and certain types of entertainment or media. Retail stores and other businesses that sell age-restricted products or services are required to implement age verification measures to...

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Age-Old Ice Cream Topping: 21 Year Old's Need ID for Whipped Cream

Multiple outlets began reporting last week on the strange and surprising new law, which appeared to require any New York stores selling canned whipped creams like Reddi Whip to check IDs of customers and only sell to those 21 and over. But before any under-21 ice cream sundae lovers get into a panic, things aren’t as dire as they may seem. Read More

Fines & Arrests in the News

Fines for Selling to Minors Every day there are new stories in local newspapers and online sources of named businesses who have been caught and fined for selling to underage patrons. During underage drinking details, retail establishments are checked using a trooper in plain clothes and one (or several) underaged operatives who cannot lie about their age or give a fake date of birth if asked. When asked for identification, they must show their real ID, and then it's up to the staff members to properly check their ID and approve the sale. There is a simple solution for these...

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Underage sales and enforcement focus on the rise in Rhode Island

Ron’s takeaways Enforcement efforts will ramp up in Rhode island This is due to a 80% increase in underage sales rates This follows the industry trends of ramping up enforcement and compliance efforts Minor Decliner is ready to partner with state agencies to reduce the underage sales rates  From the PROVIDENCE Journal RI hospital agency enlisted in fight to ban under-21 smoking, vaping  A new state law has given the state's embattled hospital agency a beefed up role in enforcing a ban on the sale of cigarettes and other nicotine products to anyone under age 21.  The new law passed...

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