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Age-Old Ice Cream Topping: 21 Year Old's Need ID for Whipped Cream

21 and over to buy whipped cream

Turning 21 is often seen as a special time in a young person’s life. The age brings with it an increased sense of maturity, the ability to legally order a fancy cocktail in a bar and now, depending on how you perceive a recently enacted New York state law, the ability to buy canned whipped cream without any trouble.

Multiple outlets began reporting last week on the strange and surprising new law, which appeared to require any New York stores selling canned whipped creams like Reddi Whip to check IDs of customers and only sell to those 21 and over. But before any under-21 ice cream sundae lovers get into a panic, things aren’t as dire as they may seem.

After the news of local grocery stores in the New York area posting signs about the ID requirements caused a ruckus online and incurred the ire of the New York Association of Convenience Stores for the law’s confusing language, the state senator who sponsored the law, Sen. Joseph Addabbo, provided some clarification.

The law specifically bans the individual sales of the nitrous oxide cartridges used inside cans of whipped cream, not the cans of whipped cream themselves. Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” can be misused as a narcotic, and that was what Addabbo was hoping to target with this law, not your favorite desert.

While Addabbo urged stores to not card for whipped cream, some are still choosing to be cautious, and this cautiousness requires a system that can accurately and quickly check customer’s IDs. That’s where Minor Decliner comes in.

Minor Decliner’s collection of ID-scanning technologies can give convenience store owners, or any grocery or big box store, and their staff the confidence that they won’t be selling age restricted items, whatever they may be, to anyone underage.

Our ID scanners come in a variety of product options and provide the most robust, advanced, and easy-to-use age verification systems and technology. Many convenience and grocery stores are already feeling the reassurance that comes with having a Minor Decliner system in place, with more joining them every day.

So whether your store sells alcohol, vape and cannabis products or, yes, even whipped cream, know that Minor Decliner has you covered.

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