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Nevada Will Require ID Scanning for Tobacco Sales Beginning January 1, 2023

The time is Now - Get your Nevada ID Scanner  Get your ID Scanner HERE  New regulations for Tobacco sales are the reason, as starting January 1, 2023, all tobacco retailers and shops will require an ID Scanner for age verification before checkout. From January 1, 2023, bill AB360 will become a law that has strong regulation on the sales of tobacco, tobacco products, vape products, and e-cigarettes for buyers under 18. The retailers must ensure that the buyers provide a valid ID like a driving license, resident card, or any other government ID for age verification.  Negligence Towards AB360...

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How Minors Know Which Stores Will Sell Them Tobacco and Alcohol

When you were in high school, did your town have that one store or that one restaurant that would always accept fake IDs or knowingly sell to minors? Although it’s highly illegal, it happened then, and it still happens today. If your establishment doesn’t use age verification technology with every alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco purchase, you might be at risk for becoming known as the place where minors can get away with using fake IDs. There are a few telltale signs that let minors know they might be able to get away with purchasing tobacco or alcohol products. Read through...

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"Who does not card near me?" Reporting a Store That Sells to Minors

It goes without saying—it’s illegal to sell alcohol and tobacco to anyone under the age of 21 in the United States. Although this is common knowledge, there are some establishments that willfully ignore the fact that they’re accepting fake IDs—or they are completely unaware that they are—because they don’t use age verification technology with every sale. If you suspect there is a store, bar, or restaurant in your area that is selling age-sensitive products to minors, you might want to seek a legal way to report them. We suggest taking the following official routes rather than confronting the owner of...

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Don’t Get Caught Selling Vape Products to a Minor

It’s a shame to say it, but vaping products are all the rage for kids these days. Many teens have no problem asking someone a couple of years older than them for their ID or finding a way to have a fake one made with their personal information. Read More

Penalties for Selling Tobacco / Vape to a Minor are Increasing

For the business owners who do get caught and penalized, you will be cited and fined. And it's not just you, but your employee as well. For example, in states like California, the person selling tobacco to a minor is cited for a misdemeanor and pays the fine, while the owner may also be cited for the same infraction. After the third violation, there may be additional penalties imposed, including increased fines, and even suspension or revocation of your tobacco sales license. The FDA calls this a "no-tobacco-sale order" (NTSO), and it can be devastating for your business.  View the...

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