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Age Verification Systems Made Simple

This high-quality age verification machine detects expired ID's and underage consumers within seconds.

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Establishments That Use Minor Decliner ID Checkers

Why Minor Decliner?

Speedy Accurate Scans

Reads government-issued IDs in seconds with 100% accuracy for reliable data entry.

Simple To Use

Clear and direct display is fool-proof. Simply Scan the ID - Decode the Age- Get a Result (Sale or No Sale)

Cost- Effective

With no ongoing costs, hidden fees, and a 1-year warranty, know you have the best price for a high-quality scanner.

Compliance Logging

Scan data is automatically transferred to a compliance log, ensuring your audit is worry-free. Compliant with all 50 states.

Data Safety

Collects the basic data needed to meet state compliance. Feel secure knowing your customers privacy data is secure


Intelligent Fake Detection™ provides user with real-life question prompts for uncertainties. Free comprehensive support, plus a self-help guide at your fingertips.


Our Smart ID Scanners are simple to use and customizeable. Icons set for specific industries allow testing of all age-restricted products.

What our current users say

"I should have learned... I could have purchased several MinorDecliner's for the cost of the fines. The system is a no brainer - just scan the ID and get an instant answer"

-Richard, Convenience Store Owner

"We needed an age verification system to meet unique industry specific requirements. Minor Decliner was the obvious choice. From the beginning, they listened to our needs and now (years into our relationship) continue to be an extremely responsive and agile partner."

-John, Security Firm - Illinois

"We purchased a Minor Decliner in March of 2019 after an enforcement violation in the previous month when we were very busy on a Friday evening. An employee checked an ID in good faith and while the year was valid for purchase, the month of birthdate was not. Needless to say, the price of Minor Decliner was half the price of the violation."

-Tom M., Distribution Inc. Danville, PA

"We were looking for age verification solutions several years ago focused on the cannabis industry and found Minor Decliner. We have them in all our stores and they are quick and accurate, and simple to use for all our age verification needs."

-Charisse, Lightshade Labs

"We have been working with Minor Decliner for 2 years. Their gaming room entry system has been a reliable solution that has provided ID scanning capability to our video gaming rooms. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking ID scanning solution provider."

-Tim S., Regional Business Development Manager

About Our Scanners

Our flexible scanner and mounting options ensure your business needs are met for contactless age verification. Prevents re-use of an ID in a certain time period (Anti-Passback). Clear and modern displays allow for easy-to-read scan results. Mitigate risks of privacy data breaches by only collecting basic information needed. Avoid extra fees, fines, and lawsuits and buy your Minor Decliner Smart ID Scanner Today!

Common Questions

Does Minor Decliner detect fake IDs?

While it is difficult to forensically analyze all 25 security features on an ID, Minor Decliner has several tools in their systems that can help increase confidence in determining an IDs validity. Implemented tools include the Intelligent Fake Detection system, and the Keesing Documentchecker. Click here to learn more about fake ID detection

What is the Minor Decliner Intelligent Fake Detection system?

While technology is a powerful tool, we shouldn't forget the intelligence and intuition of humans! The Intelligent Fake Detection system is a list of questions retailers can ask when verifying an ID if there are any suspicions about the ID holder. Including questions like "what is your Zodiac sign", click here to learn more about our Intelligent Fake Detection system.

Does Minor Decliner require setup?

Minor Decliner is simple to use with no setup required. With less than 5 minutes of training needed to understand your new device, simply take it out of the box and it's ready to go!

Are there any ongoing costs with the ID Scanner?

For all essential ID Scanners, there are no ongoing costs! For ID Scanners with the enhanced services program, estimates for ongoing costs are provided at checkout.