New Complementary Complete Protection Program With Every Purchase Find Out More

Minor Decliner systems now include a free

Complete Protection Program

  • For retailers to prevent sales of age restricted products to minors, it really takes a complete set of best practices.
  • ID scanning is a critical piece of this but there are also other important components.
  • Best practices include training, ID scanning with available fake detection, and some type of compliance checks.
  • This coupled with ongoing management review and good policy provides the retailer with industry best end-to-end protection to prevent sales to minors.

Discounts on Training and Private Compliance Testing

  • Minor decliner has partnered with the industry's best to provide you with a complimentary complete protection program that’s included free with every purchase of every minor decliner.
  • You will get significant discounts on industry best training with Ready Training Online, and discounts on private compliance checking with the BARS Program.

  • If you have enrolled with Minor Decliner upgrade subscription, you'll get this information automatically you can click on the sign-up link @ the top of this page
  • With this free complete protection program, you can be assured that you're getting the best training, the best ID scanner with fake ID detection and compliance testing that you can use to rest easy that your system is performing at optimal levels.

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