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Minor Decliner Systems Now Includes Easy Upgrade for Fake ID Detection

Will a Fake ID be Detected by an ID Scanner?

Can Fake IDs Pass ID Scanners?

As you probably know, fake ID detection is challenging. driver’s licenses are printed with a variety of security features. While these features are updated frequently to stay ahead of counterfeits, the forgers of fake IDs are close behind, updating the fakes to stay current.

Many fake IDs are well-created. Security features on IDs are intended to be subtle, and therefore “good” fake IDs can be nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, even for the most experienced reviewer.

Fake ID vendors often advertise their counterfeits as “scannable.” So, it’s reasonable to ask whether or not an ID scanner will realistically catch a fake ID.

Minor Decliner Plus Solution - Powered by Intellicheck

Minor Decliner has partnered with Intellicheck to provide a world-class fake ID scanner machine incorporated into Minor Decliner's world-class ID scanners. Intellicheck is considered the gold standard in fake ID detection, used by police departments and large banks and financial institutions.

Now you can have this “police-grade” fake id checking machine in an economical, easy-to-use handheld system. No fake ID detection scanner is perfect, but based on our testing and other studies, we feel the system will detect 90% of fake IDs.

How Does Fake ID Detection Work?

  • All drivers’ licenses and identity cards in the US have a 2D bar code on the back. Encoded in this bar code is all the information on the front of the driver's license less the picture. This is part of a published standard so it's uniform through the United States. Unfortunately, because it's part of a published standard, most making fake IDs have duplicated the barcode format.
  • ID scanners decode the information from the bar code and allow the system to calculate age and to see if the license is expired. This is valuable because it does the math for you, and it ensures that you won't sell to an underage person. The failure rate for selling to minors in the US is about 15%. When the local authorities test you, they test with a real minor with a real underage ID. Using an ID scanner will prevent the sale when you're to a minor when you're tested by the local authorities. By ID scanner we can get the failure rate of selling to minors to 0. That's the core value of ID scanning.
  • Your system comes out-of-the-box and ready to use. It will scan IDs, calculate the age, and detect if the ID is expired. It's unlimited scanning and no fees to do this.
  • We do see many customers that are interested in finding fake IDs, especially in college communities. Fake IDs have gotten better and better over time, and they are very difficult to visually detect even with the highest skilled security staff.

  • We have integrated a new advanced software that finds 90% plus of Fake IDs, with the Intellicheck upgrade option. There are hidden security features in the barcode that we can detect and analyze with the intellicheck fake detection system.
  • We have designed the fake check option to be very economical to use. You can do regular ID scanning to calculate the age and check for expired IDs with no extra costs.
  • When you want to do a fake check, you simply touch a button on the screen and the next scan will be checked through the intellicheck fake check service. The fake ID checking module is an add-on which requires a subscription that includes fake check credits.
  • You will need to activate a subscription to use the fake ID detection module. Subscriptions also include software updates and remote support and will include new value-added features as we roll them out. We've designed the subscription program to be flexible, easy to use and economical.
  • Please note, the added fake check technology is one important element of Fake ID detection. It does not replace training, the use of other reference materials ID Books, looking at the ID and the person, examining the ID, and your judgment in when deciding to make a sale. If you are suspect of the person for any reason, you can say no to the sale.

ID Checks the Minor Decliner Plus Performs 

Minor Decliner Plus - Definitive, Portable, On-Demand Fake ID Detection Tool

Subscription needed For Fake ID Checks

Subscriptions : You can decide on this after you get the system and try the fake scan feature. To learn about subscription when you get your system simply touch the learn about upgrading button on the tablet and enter your e-mail. You'll get information from us with all the details of the subscription program and the ability to reach out for any further questions. A Wi-Fi or Internet connection is required to send the e-mail and for the subscription module to activate.

Subscriptions also include software updates, remote support and will include new value-added features as we roll them out. We've designed the subscription program to be flexible, easy to use and economical. Subscriptions start at $10 a month, and
currently range to $19.00 a month. Subscriptions differ in the amount of fake check credits that are offered at each subscription level. There's a three-month minimum for a subscription and we have flexibility to tailor programs to best fit your needs.

We offer 3 affordable upgrade packages:

Package Monthly Subscription # of Monthly Intellicheck Credits Software Updates Enhanced Support
 (1) Good $10 10 Yes Yes
(2) Better $14 15 Yes Yes
(3) Best $19 25 Yes Yes


  • All the business validation information provided is accurate.
  • We understand this system needs a WIFI connection for the Intellicheck Fake ID check. We can provide a reasonably strong WIFI signal to this system.
  • Fake ID checks are on demand, at the user’s discretion.
  • While the Fake ID detection by Intellicheck is excellent and the current gold standard for Fake ID checking, it is not perfect. There will be scans where a fake is not detected. We provide a feedback button in the program that can be used to flag those suspected cases and be used to help improve the overall Fake ID detection algorithm.
  • If we detect a pattern of unusual or fraudulent use, that indicates other than normal business use of Intellicheck Fake ID detection, we may suspend your account for Intellicheck access and discuss the concerns with you. The system will continue to have normal ID scanning functions if this situation occurs.
  • There are no refunds on intellicheck credits (IC) purchased. Unused IC credits roll over month to month.
  • There is no refund on unused IC if you cancel your subscription. Credits don’t transfer to other accounts.
  • Once the subscription is paid for that month, it is not refundable.
  • A minimum of the 3-month commitment for the subscription applies. After 3 months you can cancel with at least 15 days’ notice before our payment date.
  • You can purchase added intellicheck credits at any time.
  • If you need more Intellicheck credits monthly than shown, please purchase package 3 and contact us. We can tweak the package to your needs.

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