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Fake ID Checking Upgrade for Current Customers

While it is difficult to forensically analyze all security features on an ID, Minor Decliner has tools in their systems that can help increase confidence in determining an IDs validity.

All our systems include Intelligent Fake Detection questions. While technology is a powerful tool, we shouldn't forget the intelligence and intuition of humans! The Intelligent
Fake Detection system is a list of questions retailers can ask when verifying an ID if there are any suspicions about the ID holder. Including questions like "what is your Zodiac

This can be activated in your current system under settings

Here is a video on how it works :

Now we have new technology for those customers that need robust and definitive Fake ID Detection. This is 90% plus effective in
finding fake IDS. There is different software needed for robust FAKE ID detection and your system would need an upgrade
to activate this technology package. If you want this, we have very easy and cost-effective steps to upgrade you.

Here is video of how this works >

Please contact us and we will send you info on what it takes to upgrade your system. Please let us know what type of
system you have and approx. how long you have had it.