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Liquor Store ID Scanner

Liquor Store ID Scanner

Our Liquor Store ID Scanner for Age Verification is Best Suited for Liquor Stores, Bars, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Wineries, Breweries, Community Event Tool Kits & Prevention Resources.


Protect Your Establishment with Our Liquor Store Age Verification System

Multiple failures at alcohol age compliance inspections put facilities that sell alcohol in jeopardy of losing their licenses. In some areas, the proprietors may also be issued fines. Avoid these problems and protect your establishment with our easy-to-use ID scanners for bars, clubs, and liquor stores.

To lawfully sell alcohol and tobacco products, your liquor store must check the age of your consumers. A simple age verification id scanner is required to avoid costly mistakes. Our efficient and reliable age verification scanner helps protect your bar, restaurant, event, casino, stadium, vape shop, dispensary, or liquor store. We offer the future of ID verification for varied applications. Our ID scanners are also intuitive and easy to use.

By using our liquor store id scanner machines, you can quickly and easily verify age to protect your liquor license from underage customers and minors.


Key Features

  • 4 icons specific for alcohol-only establishments such as a Liquor/State Store, Restaurant, Bar, Clubs, Winery, or Micro-Brewery
  • Simplified over/under 21 screen for easy identification.
  • Logging to check scanning history
  • Intelligent Fake Detection(™) - learn more.
  • Anti pass back to prevent ID reuse

Available Customizations

  • Wall or Flexible Mounting 
  • On the Go Age Verification (™)
  • NACS TruAge (™)

It is essential to verify IDs and become smarter about your customers. Our fastest portable ID scanner also built for scanning id at liquor stores. Buy our ID scanner for age verification specially designed for alcohol retailers. It is specifically configured for establishments selling alcoholic beverages including liquor, beer, and wine.

Tom M., Distribution Inc. Danville, PA

Tom M., Distribution Inc. Danville, PA

"We purchased a Minor Decliner in March of 2019 after an enforcement violation in the previous month when we were very busy on a Friday evening. An employee checked an ID in good faith and while the year was valid for purchase, the month of birthdate was not. Needless to say, the price of Minor Decliner was half the price of the violation"

See just how easy it is...

Includes an “anti-pass back” feature that alerts you to multiple scans from the same ID within a specified period and prevents legal patrons from passing their already-scanned ID back to someone younger to try to purchase alcohol or enter your establishment.

Allows you to flag troublemakers. These individuals can be “BANNED” within the system to be immediately recognized later if that same ID is scanned.

Provides compliance logging in the event you go to court. The Compliance Audit data logging feature can be set to automatically record all ID scans made, with a timestamp and unique identifiers, which is flexibly able to comply with every state’s PII laws with password protection.


FAQs About Our Liquor Shop ID Scanner

Q: What is a Liquor Store ID Scanner?

A Liquor Store ID Scanner is a device used by liquor stores and other establishments that sell age-restricted products to scan and verify the age and validity of customer identification documents.

Q: How does a Liquor Store ID Scanner work?

A Liquor Store ID Scanner works by scanning the barcode or magnetic stripe on a customer's ID and extracting relevant information such as name, date of birth, and ID number. The scanner then compares this information to a database of acceptable IDs and verifies that the ID is valid and the customer is of legal age to purchase alcohol or other age-restricted products.

Q: What types of identification documents can be scanned by a Liquor Store ID Scanner?

Liquor Store ID Scanners can scan various identification documents, including driver's licenses, state ID cards, military IDs, and passports.

Q: Do I need a Liquor Store ID Scanner if I manually check IDs?

While checking IDs manually is essential, a Liquor Store ID Scanner can provide an added layer of security and reduce the risk of human error. It can also speed up the ID verification process and help ensure all customers are treated fairly and consistently.

Q: Can a Liquor Store ID Scanner store customer information?

It depends on the specific device and how it is configured. Some Liquor Store ID Scanners may store basic customer information such as name and date of birth for record-keeping purposes, while others may not store any customer information at all.

Q: Are Liquor Store ID Scanners legal?

Yes, Liquor Store ID Scanners are legal in most jurisdictions as long as they comply with local laws and regulations regarding collecting and storing personal information.

Q: Can Liquor Store ID Scanners be used for purposes other than age verification?

While Liquor Store ID Scanners are primarily designed for age verification, some devices may also have additional features, such as fraud detection and checking IDs against a watchlist of banned individuals.

Q: Do I need special training to use a Liquor Store ID Scanner?

While some Liquor Store ID Scanners may be more complex than others, most devices are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Some manufacturers may also offer training or support to help users get started with their devices.

Q: Are Liquor Store ID Scanners expensive to purchase?

The cost of a Liquor Store ID Scanner can vary depending on the specific device and its features. Some basic models may be available for a few hundred dollars, while more advanced devices can cost several thousand dollars. However, many businesses find the investment worth it in terms of increased security and efficiency.

Do you have any queries concerning our liquor shop id scanner?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll discuss how Minor Decliner can help you protect your alcohol-selling establishments by using ID scanners for bars and liquor stores and improve your retail operation and increase profits.