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Vape Shop ID Scanner

With the help of our quick, precise, and affordable age verification for vape stores, you can identify fake IDs and spot minors who try to access products like e-cigarettes, CBD oils, and vaping.


Protect Your Vape Store Using Trusted ID Scanners from MinorDecliner™

As you know, the legal age for selling tobacco products and vapor is 21; therefore, a proper age verification process is an ethical and legal obligation for all vape businesses. It is mandatory for vape shop owners and businesses to have the most up-to-date ID scanner. You've invested a lot in your vape shop business license. Therefore, to avoid fines & penalties or forced closure of your business, it’s important to use precision ID scanning solutions and keep all tobacco products out of the hands of young people.

Our vape shop ID scanners are designed for businesses that sell age-restricted products, including vape, CBD oils, e-cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, and any other electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) products. Hence, MinorDecliner™ addresses a critical need to prevent sales of age-restricted products to minors with ID scanner technology.

Key Features for Vape Shops

  • Vape and Tobacco Icon Sets
  • Works for nicotine, cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products
  • Identify sales associate ID with every scan
  • Logging to check scanning history
  • Item Purchase restriction limits
  • Intelligent Fake Detection™ with FakDetector™
  • MinorDecliner™ is the 1st in the industry to have our patent-pending Intelligent Fake Detection™ / FakDetector™ System.

Available Customizations

  • Wall or Flexible Mounting
  • On the Go Age Verification(™)
  • NACS Truage(™)
  • Access control for in store game rooms or for beer caves

With the help of our vape shop ID scanner, you can easily verify age, scan government-issued IDs, quickly spot fake ID or expired IDs, prevent fines, improve security, and reduce risk to your business, employees, and customers.

Call us at 888-310-4001 to learn more about the prices of vape shop ID scanners.You can also request a live demonstration from one of our representatives to find out how our ID scanner equipment for vape stores works and reduces risk to your business, employees, and clients.

As of 2017, there was a 12.5% violation/failure rate for selling vape and tobacco products to underage buyers.

Contactless ID Scanner for Age Verification - Door Sentinel(™)

Add contactless ID scanning to your business and ensure underage patrons are stopped at your doors. Get your Contactless ID Scanner today!

Not only does the customer scan at the door prior to entry, but they can have their ID scanned again at the point of sale.

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Contactless Scanning with Dual Scanners

We easily and flexibly support contactless age verification that supports socially distanced scans.
Using two scanners, you can have one on the counter and another at the door.

You can use the same system to pre-screen customers into the store, and then age verify them again at the point of purchase.

See just how easy it is...

Scan any state drivers license and Minor Decliners™ Age Verification system announces the result in seconds.
Our mission is to provide the most robust and easy-to-use age verification systems and technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Vape Shop ID Scanner?

A Vape Shop ID Scanner is a device that can quickly scan and verify the age and identity of customers who wish to purchase vaping products.

Q. Why do Vape Shops need ID Scanners?

Vape Shops need ID Scanners to comply with state and federal laws and regulations that require them to verify the age of their customers. Using ID Scanners in vape shops can help reduce the risk of selling vaping products to minors and avoid potential legal penalties.

Q. What types of ID documents can Vape Shop ID Scanners scan?

Vape Shop ID Scanners can scan various ID documents, including driver's licenses, state IDs, passports, military IDs, and other government-issued ID cards.

Q. How do Vape Shop ID Scanners work?

Vape Shop ID Scanners use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan the information on an ID card and extract relevant information like name, date of birth, and ID number. Some scanners may also use biometric authentication like facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

Q. What are the benefits of using a Vaping Compliance Scanner?

Using a Vape Shop ID Scanner can help Vape Shops quickly and accurately verify the age and identity of customers, reducing the risk of selling to minors and avoiding potential legal penalties. It can also help improve customer experience by reducing wait times and streamlining the purchasing process.

Q. Are Vape Age Check Devices expensive?

The cost of Vape Shop ID Scanners can vary depending on the model and features, but they can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Some Vape Shops may rent or lease the scanners instead of buying them outright.

Q. Is it legal to scan IDs with a Vape Age Verification Machine?

Scanning IDs with a Vape Age Verification Machine is generally legal as long as the information is used for a legitimate purpose and handled securely and responsibly. However, checking local laws and regulations is always a good idea to ensure compliance.


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