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Retail Theft Protection System

Have Small ID Scanners and Electronic locks on Retail Fixtures that reduce theft

Perfect for Beer Coolers, Cooler Doors or any other lockable display

Key Benefits

  • Reduce theft with ID granted access
  • No added staff burden or conformations
  • Added check to assure over 21 (if needed)
  • Multi Door from the same system
  • Supports all Electric Strikers / Locks
  • Special customer lock to retrofit to any cooler Door
  • Partnership with OWL Services for project management
    Install, and Support
  • The Minor Decliner Retail Theft Protection System is ideal
    for reducing theft via increased accountability.
  • Scan the driver's license and then can open the door for
    any retail fixture.
  • This can be field installed to any existing fixtures, including all cooler doors.
  • Compliance logs are kept for review if needed.
  • Provides theft deterrence by ID scanning required to open
    the door to access items.
  • Is available with TRUAGE ID scanning protocol and Fake
    ID detection via in Intellicheck.
  • Can automatically close hours for any no sales times
  • Developed minor decliners deep expertise in ID scanning

About the System

System Schematic

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