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cannabis dispensary

Recreational & Medicinal

Protect Your Dispensary

MinorDecliner™ addresses a critical need prevent sales of age-restricted products to minors with ID scanning techology.

Cannabis-Specific Features

  • Icons specific for Recreational and Medical use Cannabis
  • Logging to check scanning history
  • Intelligent Fake Detection(™) - learn more
  • CBD-Ready

Available Customizations

  • Wall or Flexible Mounting
  • On the Go Age Verification(™)

Popular ID Scanners

See just how easy it is...

Scan any state drivers license and Minor Decliners™ Age Verification system announces the result in seconds.

Our mission is to provide the most robust and easy-to-use age verification systems and technology.

"We were looking for age verification solutions several years ago focused on the cannabis industry and found Minor Decliner. We have them in all our stores and they are quick and accurate, and simple to use for all our age verification needs."

Charisse, Lightshade Labs