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How Minor Decliner Helping JUUL Labs Retailer to Achieve Its Mission?

How Minor Decliner Helping JUUL Labs Retailer to Achieve Its Mission?

Juul Labs is a popular electric cigarette brand in America that automates nicotine salts from tobacco from one-time used cartridges. Across the USA, you can find numerous Juul Labs retailers that make it easy for the needy to buy e-cigarettes. However, US FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) has clearly marked Juul Labs products as an age-restricted items that responsible retailers can only sell. Retailers without appropriate licenses can't sell e-cigarettes by Juul Labs.

Furthermore, all licensed retailers with a sound Juul Labs product inventory can sell the items responsibly.

The term responsibility encompasses numerous dos and don'ts that every Juul Labs retailer must follow to ensure the safety of their products from under-age patrons.

Juul Labs has clearly notified the Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) that encompass a set of guidelines enabling the retailers to ensure selling Juul products to above-21 age buy. It's essential to follow the retail access control standards at the Point-Of-Sale (POS), which is primarily possible by adding ID Scanners at your POS and ensuring smooth, quick transactions.

When it Comes to the RACS (Retailer Access Control Standards), it must follow the pointers mentioned below.

RACS (Retail Access Control Standards) By Juul Labs


Two significant pointers are shared under the responsible selling of Juul products. 

Point 1 is selling products only to above-21 buyers. Point 2 is not selling more than 1 Juul Device or 4 Juul pod packs in a single transaction. The Federal department has clearly announced 21 as the minimum age to buy or use tobacco products, e-cigarettes, cigars, etc. Interestingly, it is also known as Tobacco 21, which is compulsory for all, with no exception.

Retailers who fail to age-verify when selling Juul Labs products or sell above the recommended limit can experience penalties, expensive court proceedings, and other serious consequences. In severe conditions, retailers can get a permanent ban by canceling their licenses. For more information, you can also read more on the JUUL Labs Authorized Reseller Policy.


When selling JUUL products via Point-of-Sale, it's crucial to sync your computers with the JUUL inventory. Scanning JUUL products will then automate the number of products in each transaction and alert you if it exceeds the given limit.

During checkout, it's essential to verify the customer, which can be done via three options.

  • Scan the customer's ID using modern ID Scanning solutions,
  • Manually enter the required information (manual override), or
  • Cancel the transaction.

The Enhanced Access Control (EAC) options can help you follow federal laws and Juul Labs policies.

Below are two EAC requirements that retailers must follow with every transaction.

Install Age-verification ID Scanner: Ensure your retail store has an ID scanner installed to barricade underage patrons and only allow qualified buyers (above 21 years of age)

Automate Product Quality Limit: Use automated product quality solutions that alert you for excess (above-defined limit) purchases of the JUUL Labs products. Remember, the limit for JUUL products is 1 JUUL Device and 4 JUULpod packs per transaction.

So, being an authorized retailer of Juul Labs, you must reach out to their representatives, who can assist you in getting the EAC set up at your point of sale.

If you are a JUUL retailer looking forward to getting EAC Certification, you need to file an EAC Certification request online. The online application will take hardly five minutes. Post-application submission, it will take between 3 and 5 business days to provide the results. If qualified/certified, you will get the status of EAC Certified retailer.

Don't worry if you disqualify for the certification. You can call the EAC call center and ask for the issues alongside solutions. Post rectification, you can resubmit the application and get EAC certification asap.


Minor Decliner has come up to provide a certified ID scanning machine that is integrated with the JUUL Labs policies and provides a 100% ID scanning solution for retailers. The Minor Decliner systems are installed at the Square, EPOS NOW, REVEL, AIM, Verifone Commander, NCR POS systems, and Royal Alpha and SAMS4S cash registers. 

Minor Decliner is an authorized provider of age-verification ID scanners across the USA. The Minor Decliner age-verification system provides a seamless yet cost-effective security system to make your POS system JUUL RACS/ EAC compliant. The POS system easily integrates with your existing system via a plug-and-play option and enhances its functionality as per the JUUL standards. You must attach the ID scanner to your checkout system and start serving the buyers correctly. 

Minor Decliner also partners with Epos Now to provide a turnkey solution with both Age Verification + POS systems that are 100% JUUL RACS/ EAC certified.

The JUUL-compliant ID Scanner efficiently integrates with your POS and price book, making each transaction safe and quick. Before a sale is made, the ID scanner performs the below-listed operations:

  • Scan the product
  • Identify whether the buyer is above the listed age and is buying within the allowed limits
  • Check that the buying quantity limit hasn't been exceeded
  • Scan and store the buyer's identity (for government sharing or future references)

The ID Scanners by Minor Decliner use patent-pending technology that makes it feasible to verify different IDs like Tribal IDs, Military IDs, and international Passports, as well as IDs that have become un-scannable.

The ID scanner manufacturer also ensures that all retailers will stay updated with the government and JUUL regulations to maintain their security and continue seamless sales.


Starting from February 14, 2022, every JUUL retailer must have the RACS/ EAC system installed/integrated at their store to restrict underage buyers from testing or buying JUUL products. The laws are now strict about fighting against illegal underage vaping. Hence, the government imposed new regulations and requirements that every JUUL retailer should strictly follow. Following EAC compliance will ensure the restriction of illegal access to vape products across the USA.

Age-Verification ID Scanner - Required Hardware for POS System

The big necessity for every POS system is a RACS-compliant barcode scanner that must be able to scan 2D (PDF-417) barcodes and send all control characters. Retailers must ensure buying a certified ID scanner as uncertified ID scanners can't guarantee 100% accurate working.

Less Expensive: Putting your hard-earned money in an ID Scanner is a one-time investment that doesn't dent your pocket if it benefits you more than what you invest. The age-verification ID scanner is hence a less-expensive option for businesses serving age-restricted products.

Easy to Setup at Tight Countertops: Handling a crowd is tough, which further gets complex if you serve tobacco, vaping, or other similar products. Such businesses demand a strict installation of ID scanners (like vape shop id scanners and convenience store ID scanners) that can be easily installed on tight countertops. Modern age-verification scanners efficiently fit small counters and maintain high-end security.

Eliminate Manual Verification Time: Using manpower for age-verification means hefty time consumption, which was a big challenge for the businesses. ID scanning machines eliminate excessive time consumption and give authentic results at checkpoints.

100% Accuracy: Manpower never efficiently delivers 100% accuracy when verifying every buyer. However, this heck is eliminated with ID scanning machines that serve 100% accuracy without compromising speed.

Capture Essential Details: Many state governments require customer details; hence the retailers/stores/shops are bound to save customers' details. Unfortunately, the involvement of manpower increases the waiting time. Moreover, 100% accuracy will also become a big challenge. All these troubles are overpowered with ID scanners. Advanced ID scanners come with a data storage facility that you can connect with any device and extract the customer's details; whenever required.

Scan All Types of IDs: Human beings require adequate skill and expertise in differentiating genuine and fake IDs. Furthermore, skills to verify different types of IDs become another big hassle at the checkpoint. This issue is easily resolved with the introduction of an ID scanner. The scanning machines efficiently verify different IDs, including a Passport, Driving License, Government ID, or other authorized ID card.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Customer experience matters when you 100% rely on the customers. Eliminating unnecessary waiting time, detail in checkout, etc., are some of the common customer-focused issues that are completely eliminated by introducing ID scanners.

This gives you a detailed insight into JUUL products and their mission to uproot illegal underage vaping across the USA. In collaboration with JUUL, Minor Decliner took a step forward to eliminate this country-wide issue and ensure the legal use of tobacco and vape products.