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Why Vape Shops Need to Embrace Latest ID Verification System?

Why Vape Shops Need to Embrace Latest ID Verification System?

Most of you are already familiar with the fact that vape products and the entire range of electronic smoking devices now fall under the category of 'tobacco products. With this rule, these items become inaccessible to patrons below 21. This regulation also burdens the vape stores and relatiers to verify the buyer's age. Under the new regulation of "Tobacco 21", anyone below 21 cannot purchase vape or e-cig products.

Merchants were free from ID checking before the law was passed. Now, they can't sell the items openly. They require verifying ID via verified photo ID before offering a sample or selling vape products. 

Here the biggest hassle in running a successful business and following government guidelines is ID verification. Age verification ID scanner becomes a necessity in such a scenario. Minor Decliner is the one-stop destination to provide you vape store ID scanner that comes with utmost accuracy and quick ID verification.

Let's discuss the benefits a Vape Store ID Scanner can provide to your business.

Minimize Checkout Time: Checking the customer's ID and interrogating their identity is a big mess when it comes to vape stores. Quick ID scanning is a major pain point faced by vape stores. At vape shop POS, it's tough to validate the ID quickly and let them buy the tobacco or vape items. An ID scanning machine is a wise investment that eliminates time-consuming and provides a quick checkout process saving your time and manpower. This tobacco POS system is a practical solution to combat the prime pain point of vape stores.

Premium Customer Service: Quality of customer service matters to outstand the competition, and a vape store ID scanning solution can help you achieve the same. Most customers prefer buying from stores if they experience good customer service. With quick scanning, an easy ID verification process via vape store POS software can do wonders in uplifting the customer experience.

Limiting Underage-patrons: Age verification is a must at vape stores as vape and tobacco are an age-restricted products. Vape stores must ensure the buyer is at least 21 years old. An age-verification ID scanner can eliminate the need. Manual age-verification checkups require excessive manpower, which isn't feasible for every vape store. Hence, using the ID scanning machine is recommended to limit the sale of vape or tobacco products to underage buyers.

Better Inventory Management: With manual ID checkups, it's challenging to track the data of every buyer. This discrepancy creates a problem matching the customer's count with your stock. So, there is always a need for automated and quick ID scanning solutions that can track buyer's data and help you in stock management. ID scanning machine is the right option to proceed with.

Leverage Customer Information: Some state governments demand customer data from vape and tobacco stores which isn't feasible with manual data collection. Interestingly, modern ID scanners have storage capacity; hence entire customer's data is stored that you can export and share with the government.

Track Customer's Data & History: Understanding customer behavior is another point to acknowledge and boost your sales. Serving the highly returning customer is a matter of appreciation. So, ID scanners can help you track customers' details and utilize historical data to evaluate their buying experience.