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Utilizing Minor Decliner age verification systems, is a seamless, cost effective, and universal way to instantly upgrade your current POS system to be JUUL RACS/ EAC compliant.

Minor Decliner is JUUL RACS/ EAC Compliant

Simply plug-and-play into your current system with this "bring your own POS" method.

We also partner with Epos Now to together provide you a turnkey solution with both Age Verification + POS systems that are 100% JUUL RACS/ EAC certified.

Bring your POS system up to date, so you can confidently and legally sell JUUL products to the proper customers. Block minors, remain compliant, and increase your vape segment sales.

Age Verification system for vape shops

Plug & Play with your Current POS

  • Plug the Minor Decliner system into your current Epos Now, Verifone, NCR, Clover, or Royal Cash Register POS system
  • Connect price books for age-verified products to connect both purchase limits and age restrictions for JUUL products during check-out.
Epos POS plus Ave Verification from Minor Decliner

Age Verification + POS System

  • If you need to purchase a new POS system, we partner with EPOS so you can choose to purchase the full system in one package.
  • Visit EPOS to learn about and purchase an age verification + POS system package.

How it Works

Minor Decliner is the first ID scanning solution to be both NACS TruAge certified and JUUL RACS/ EAC compliant.

Minor Decliner’s age-verification system allows for a universally adaptable plug-and-play implementation to any POS platform a retailer may already have in place. This allows retailers to instantly upgrade their equipment to meet the new requirements for selling JUUL products and complying with age restrictions and quantity limitations.

Minor Decliner products allow you to:

  1. Scan a product
  2. Automatically identify a product with age restricted sales and/or purchase quantity limits
  3. Check that purchase quantity limits haven’t been exceeded
  4. Scan the purchaser’s ID to ensure its validity
  5. Allow the sale to complete if all checks clear appropriately

Minor Decliner's patent-pending technology also has an advanced manual-entry program that allows the retailer to easily verify Tribal IDs, Military IDs, and international Passports, as well as IDs that have become un-scannable.

Minor Decliner allows retailers to seamlessly become both TruAge and JUUL RACS/ EAC compliant; and with our future-proof guarantee, we ensure that retailers will be prepared for any and all regulation changes and advancements to come in the age restricted sales space.

Your Current POS Set-Up

Current POS Set Up
Simple Plug & Play Set Up

Plug & Play Age Verification Compliant POS Set-Up

Age verification plugs into POS system

POS Integration

Minor Decliner works directly with multiple POS and cash register manufactures to ensure simple and easy integration.  If your current hardware is not listed below, please contact us to discuss your configuration. 


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