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Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing an ID Scanner

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing an ID Scanner

Safety is a priority!

When it comes to age-restricted businesses, safety from under-age people becomes a heck for business owners. Numerous businesses, including bars, casinos, liquor shops, etc., require high-end age-restriction electronic devices to block underage people from entering the shop and purchasing restricted items.

Being a business owner, you always focus on training your employees and staff to check the government-authorized email ID before permitting them in your shop/store. Here error-free ID scanner becomes a highly-demanded entity for such businesses.

Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge results in selecting the wrong ID scanner that drains your investment without offering the required benefit & security.

So, what it includes in a perfect ID scanner for your business? Below are the crucial factors you must consider when purchasing an ID scanner for your business.

Types of IDs Scanners can Read: Technology has grown exponentially, bringing vast advancements to ID scanning machines. Among them is the capability of reading different kinds of IDs. 

Often you will find an ID scanning machine that can easily read the license or business ID. However, these IDs include 2D barcodes that are easy to scan. Some government IDs include magnetic tape strips that store the individual's information on the card.

Most scanners can only scan one type of device, but it's highly recommended to prefer a scanning machine that can scan both IDs hassle-free.

Location Where ID Scanning is Required: Next in the list is finding the most convenient place where the ID Scanning machine will be installed. It's important to know that some places require age verification. It is a mandatory security phase for places like bars, tobacco stores, alcohol shops, etc., where underage people are restricted.

Usually, ID Scanning machines are installed at the entrance. However, most entrances are only sometimes power-ready. Hence, some businesses might require a mobile-powered or handheld ID scanner that runs on battery.

So, before buying an age-verification ID scanner, you must ensure its best installation site and choose the suitable scanner accordingly.

Capability of Data Storage & Retrieval: Some businesses require sharing the data of their visitors. It takes work to maintain the hand-written details of every customer.

So, businesses prefer buying an ID scanner with a data storage feature. The government has notified pubs, bars, and tobacco shops to temporarily store the customer's data and share it with them. The data stored can be used for future reference. Hence, you should look for an ID scanner with a data storage facility. Furthermore, some scanning machines help you check and validate the customer's ID based on stored data. It helps to eliminate fake IDs and keep customers' sensitive data fully secure.

It's essential to check whether the customer's data is stored correctly and has the facility to download it in a spreadsheet format. Some scanning machines come with one-time payments, while some include monthly subscriptions.

Ease of Use: Businesses use an ID scanner to eliminate the heck of manual ID scanning and save time with 100% accuracy. It means the scanning machine must provide ease to the user. Most ID scanners have a big screen with an easy user interface to check the customer's details and verify them in real time.

Traditional ID scanning machines might depend on buttons to scan any ID and verify it. However, modern and big-screen scanners have eliminated the hassle, giving a big reason to invest in contemporary ID scanning machines. These ID Scanning machines take 1-2 seconds for the entire scanning process.

Cost of Complete Ownership: ID Scanning is nowadays offered by ID Scanning machines and mobile apps. In an ID scanner, you get complete ownership of the device. It means you don't require a monthly subscription for the scanning machine. However, mobile apps might include a one-time cost with a monthly subscription (for data storage). Hence, you must decide according to your business needs.

Durability of ID Scanner: Durability matters when putting a one-time investment in an ID scanner. With frequent usage, the ID scanning machine must continue serving your needs for years without fail. At pubs, bars, etc., the frequency of ID scanner use is high, which means they must be used without compromising accuracy.

Build quality, wire quality, and battery quality (if battery-powered) must be acknowledged to know the durability of your ID scanning machine. Most manufacturers provide a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

It gives you detailed knowledge on what to look for in an age-verification ID scanner when putting in your hard-earned money. Minor Decliner is the one-stop destination for finding suitable ID scanning machines for various businesses.