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ID Scanner for Age Verification – Ultimate Way to Protect Your Business

ID Scanner for Age Verification – Ultimate Way to Protect Your Business

What is an ID Card Scanner?

An ID Card Scanner is a modern tech device used in most age-restricted businesses like bars, liquor shops, convenience stores, nightclubs, and more, where a patron's age can be determined. It has become a necessity for all businesses offering age-restricted products. An ID card scanner is an ideal option to protect you against fake ID users. Moreover, modern ID scanners can read different ID cards like driving licenses, state ID card, military card, or other government-authorized IDs. 

An age-verification ID scanner makes it convenient for security to ensure your identity and quickens the age-verification process. Is this the only benefit of adding an age-verification scanner to your shop/store? Below are the benefits of adding an ID scanner for age verification that contributes to business protection from unexpected failures. 

Follow Government Regulations

Following government regulations is essential, and that's why most businesses train their employees towards fraudulent cases and how to restrict the entrance of fake ID holders. Every business knows the risk of skipping proper age verification and selling tobacco or other similar products to underage buyers. A big fine and citations often follow such incidents. 

All these hurdles are easily overwhelmed with the inclusion of age-verification ID scanners. This simplifies the verification and lets the employees easily check every customer. 

Help in Monitoring Employees

Running a successful business may require micro-management to some extent. But you don't need to indulge in daily operations to monitor every employee. An ID scanner is what takes care of everything. It keeps an electronic record of all your employees and saves it for the future. Whether you are concerned about the daily in/out time or the employee's verification, an age-verification ID scanner can serve you all. 

Restrict Underage Patrons

Often kids bring their older sibling's ID to get age-restricted products. With a physical document check, it might pass the verification and get exposed to age-sensitive items. Such practice is never favorable for your business. Instead, such an act might get you into trouble with a big fine and even legal action.

That's where modern ID scanners come into use. They take care of ID validity with 100% accuracy. Furthermore, modern ID scanners can scan IDs from around the globe, making it a big step in the security industry.

Pass the Liquor Board Surprise Inspection

The liquor board inspectors always keep an eye on the bars in their area. They make surprise visits to them if these bars are suspected of selling alcohol to underage patrons. They verify the customer's IDs before the internal checkup. Getting an inspector in official dress and checking the IDs of their customers is an embarrassing moment for the business owner. Moreover, it also impacts negatively on the customers. Often customers consider it as a 'RAID,' which no liquor shop owner would wish to witness.

The Age verification scanning machine takes care of everything that can easily filter underage customers and maintain legal decorum. With an ID card scanning machine at your entrance, you can ensure the inspectors of 100% security. Moreover, it ensures that you follow government guidelines for liquor or tobacco distribution.

What if You Don't Use an ID Scanner for Age Verification?

Many businesses sell age-sensitive products but have not involved ID scanning technology in their stores, shops, or warehouses. Such businesses quickly face hefty fines for their negligence towards security concerns. 

E.g., If any underage patron is found with a drinking citation, (s)he will be penalized between $500 to $1,500, depending on state laws. In many states, the liquor license is revoked permanently after a few such incidents. It is supplemented with criminal charges that include encouraging minors towards alcohol and other restricted products.

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