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TruAge Certified

TruAge Certified

Minor Decliner is the first in the US to develop and implement the NACS TruAge™ protocol, built on Conexxus Standards. 

At Minor Decliner, we are proud to be the first ID scanning company to be TruAge™Certified.  Minor Decliner is on the leading-edge of age verification in the US; providing a ready platform for digital identity tokens, digital driver's licenses, and purchase limits of age-restricted items.  We are committed to bringing you the most innovative and cost effective technology to seamlessly remain compliant for selling age verified products.

Faster, simpler, and more secure digital ID verification with TruAge™

TruAge was developed by NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores), the global trade association that represents the convenience store industry, and Conexxus, its standards-setting partner. The NACS-Conexxus partnership ensures that the TruAge platform is available nationwide and readily adoptable - so stores can sell legal products to verified customers, responsibly.

In 2020, our founder, Ron Tobb, joined the national age verification working group for the age verification initiative within the c-store industry, along with other pioneering organizations.  NACS TruAge protocol was built for retailers, POS providers, and consumer goods companies. 

The GTIN trigger list (items to verify and under what age profile) is either set up by scanning items at the store or downloadable from the TruAge GTIN master file.  So, your store does not need to do any POS programming.  A wifi connection is needed to operate, yet it does not affect PCI exposure.  The Minor Decliner products connect to any electronic cash register and will then enforce the TruAge rules, including an offboard journal with timestamp and TruAge token verification. 

In 2021, Minor Decliner was:

  • 1st to implement the TruAge™ protocol in our platform
  • 1st for field testing and deployment
  • 1st to be mobile
  • 1st to implement for universal connection to point of sale systems
  • 1st to read QR ID tokens for the protocol

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Visit the TruAge Website to learn more about the nationwide program

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