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BAN, VIP, and AntiPass Back Features


Now included in every MinorDecliner system is a rich set of customer management features.

You can alert staff of troublemakers by assigning a Banned status to a person and recognize your best customers by making them VIP's 

We also have a Customer Frequency module that alerts you to visits within X hours by the same person. 

This can be used to prevent the case where someone enters your establishment using their legitimate ID, and then passes it back to someone younger who tries to enter with it. 

Complete Protection Program

  • For retailers to prevent sales of age restricted products to minors, it really takes a complete set of best practices.
  • ID scanning is a critical piece of this but there are also other important components.
  • Best practices include training, ID scanning with available fake detection, and some type of compliance checks.
  • This coupled with ongoing management review and good policy provides the retailer with industry best end-to-end protection to prevent sales to minors.