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An ID Scanner Specialized for Cannabis Retailers

Not only does Minor Decliner allow retailers to scan and verify age for multiple age restricted products, including cannabis, we've also developed specialized screens specifically for the Cannabis industry.

Our specialized cannabis age verification scanner includes:

  • A specialized cannabis detection screen, designed with cannabis graphics to delineate against other age restricted products you may sell.
  • The ability to set different ages for medical and recreational cannabis, allowing you to easily check age if you're selling both types of products in your establishment.
  • Advanced compliance logs to track verified age along with a unique purchase ID in the even that you need to review or prove that a sale was verified as legal. Our logging feature is flexible and able to be adjusted to meet each state's specific record and information retention laws.
  • Anti-passback and same day visit management tracking in the event that a legal purchaser shares their ID with an underage buyer. Minor Decliner's scanning software with alert you when this happens, allowing you to set the conditions and frequency.
  • On-call support to answer any questions and resolve issues. Because we know how important it is to eliminate the risk of selling to a minor within your business, our team is here to help you set up your system and make sure it's working correctly.

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"It is eye catching and does very good job to protect the business and employees to selling alcoholic beverages and tobacco products without struggling to figure out the age, I love it." ~ Narinderjit S.

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