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JUUL RACS/ EAC Compliant

Minor Decliner is an early adopter, partnering directly with JUUL to develop RACS/ EAC compliance technology for retailers selling JUUL's vape products.Minor Decliner ID scanners incorporate all protocols for digital ID age verification and product quantity restrictions.


What does it mean to be JUUL RACS compliant?

JUUL's Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) and Enhanced Access Controls (EAC) compliance involves having a POS (Point-of-Sale) system that identifies JUUL products at scan, automatically recognizes age restrictions on these types of sales, and with a simple scan ensures ID verification at a store level. 

The system is also configured to recognize product quantity purchase limits and ensure that those limits are followed with each JUUL product sale. As one of Juul Labs Retailer's point-of-sale partners, Minor Decliner is intricately involved in all developments for the federally mandated requirements needed within our technology so that retailers can legally sell JUUL pods and devices to of-age customers.

Minor Decliner Compliant Age Verification Systems

Utilizing Minor Decliner age verification systems, is a seamless, cost effective, and universal way to instantly upgrade your current POS system to be JUUL EAC/ RACS compliant.

Simply plug-and-play into your current system with this "bring your own POS" method.

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The Minor Decliner system will integrate with your current POS and price book, and during each sales transaction will immediately:

  • scan the product
  • automatically identify if it is a product with age restricted sales and/or purchase quantity limits
  • check that purchase quantity limits haven’t been exceeded
  • and scan the purchaser’s ID to ensure its validity

... all before a sale can go through.

Minor Decliner's patent-pending technology also has an advanced manual-entry program that allows the retailer to easily verify Tribal IDs, Military IDs, and international Passports, as well as IDs that have become un-scannable.

Minor Decliner allows retailers to seamlessly become both TruAge and JUUL RACS/ EAC compliant; and with our future-proof guarantee, we ensure that retailers will be prepared for any and all regulation changes and advancements to come in the age restricted sales space.

Why does a retailer need to be JUUL RACS EAC compliant?

Beginning February 14, 2022, JUUL requires all retailers that sell JUUL products in North Carolina to have a RACS/ EAC system in place for their store or they will no longer be able to sell JUUL products starting March 1, 2022. The same will apply in Arizona beginning in July 2022.

These new regulations and requirements stem from legal settlements between JUUL and these states that require JUUL to take a more proactive stance in the fight against illegal underage vaping. With these compliance requirements, it will hopefully become even more challenging for underage individuals to gain illegal access to vape products.

JUUL RACS compliance will likely become the norm in the near future for retailers selling JUUL products in all 50 states, and could also become the model for regulations and requirements on other age restricted products.  With this in mind, it’s crucial to prepare your retail stores now.

 Learn more about JUUL RACS/ EAC for your stores

Visit the Juul Labs Retailer website to learn more about the federally mandated requirements or view the View Product Page for purchase options.

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