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Protecting Your Business with Fake ID Scanning

Protecting Your Business with Fake ID Scanning

As fake IDs become more sophisticated, their use can pose a real threat to your business, including loss of revenue and damage to your reputation, all the way up to fines and the revocation of a license. From bars and clubs to convenience stores and gas stations, business owners are increasingly looking for a reliable way to identify fraudsters and enforce age restrictions without inconveniencing their legitimate customers.

At Minor Decliner, we offer industry-leading solutions for detecting fake IDs. But what exactly goes into this technology, and how can it help your business?

The Rise of Fake ID Scanning

Traditionally, your employees weeded out fakes by carefully examining every customer's ID. However, as criminals come up with ever more sophisticated ways to manipulate photos and information, it's becoming much harder for your people to spot fake IDs manually. This is where fake ID scanning comes in.

What is Fake ID Scanning?

Fake ID scanning software is designed to use proprietary technology to analyze security features in IDs.

How Does Fake ID Scanning Work?

There are two main components to our fake ID scanning technology:

  • Hardware: This can be a dedicated ID scanner or a device.
  • Software: Our Software in conjunction with Intellicheck analyzes certain attributes in the ID, and determine if the ID is genuine based on the analysis of those attributes
  • Barcode Scan: The customer hands their ID (driver's license) to an employee who uses their training to do a preliminary check of the ID. They may ask the customer questions if the person looks young or if it's an out of state ID. After this they scan the barcode of the ID

Here's what the ID scanning process looks like:

  1. Data extraction: The software extracts key information from the ID and transmits the data to Intellicheck. 
  2. Authentication checks: The software cross-checks this information with algorithms and technology.
  3. Result: Within seconds, the system delivers a clear verdict on whether the ID is genuine or fake.

The Benefits of Fake ID Detection

For businesses, using fake ID scanning has several advantages over relying on simple manual checks:

  • Stronger security: By accurately identifying fake IDs, you can seamlessly carry out underage enforcement, deter fraud, and protect your business from legal or compliance risks.
  • Improved efficiency: Scanning is much quicker than manual verification, which means reduced wait times and a better experience for your legitimate customers.
  • Peace of mind: Having a reliable fake ID detection system in place stops you from stressing about compliance and allows you to focus on managing your business effectively.

Minor Decliner and the Power of Intellicheck

Minor Decliner offers a suite of ID scanner solutions that harness the power of Intellicheck's industry-leading identity validation platform.

Now available with a subscription across all Minor Decliner products, this collaboration brings you the most advanced fake ID detection available, seamlessly integrated into Minor Decliner's user-friendly interface.

Learn more about fake ID scanning

By using Minor Decliner's fake ID scanning solutions, you can ensure you're adhering to age restrictions, protecting your business from fraud, and delivering a smoother experience for legitimate customers – all backed up by top-quality customer service.

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