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Fines & Arrests in the News

Fines & Arrests in the News

Fines for Selling to Minors

Every day there are new stories in local newspapers and online sources of named businesses who have been caught and fined for selling to underage patrons.

During underage drinking details, retail establishments are checked using a trooper in plain clothes and one (or several) underaged operatives who cannot lie about their age or give a fake date of birth if asked. When asked for identification, they must show their real ID, and then it's up to the staff members to properly check their ID and approve the sale.

There is a simple solution for these stores who fail these compliance checks: Minor Decliner products are an inexpensive alternative "insurance" to avoid these type of issues!

Minor Decliner ID scanning and age verification products:

  1. Provide a robust 24/7 solution to eliminate sales to minors
  2. Help with training your staff and reducing high employee turnover
  3. Are ready for digital identity tokens as the future of IDs quickly advances (TruAge certified)

Help your staff avoid issues, and ensure your store stays compliant instead of being negatively portrayed in the news.  Help our minors stay out of trouble and away from the products that they aren't eligible to use!

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