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Frequently Asked Questions About Underage Alcohol Sales

Frequently Asked Questions About Underage Alcohol Sales

There are no "oops" moments when selling alcohol to a minor...

If your a business that sells alcohol, one of the largest risks you face, is the penalties for selling alcohol to minors.

Below are a list of answers to the big underage-alcohol sale questions.

Is it a felony to sell alcohol to a minor?

In the large majority if circumstances you'll face misdemeanor charges. However, there are certain states and circumstances where you could face felony charges.

Is selling alcohol to a minor a misdemeanor?

The majority of states punish as a misdemeanor. In most cases this means you will be fined, but it also carries with it the potential for liquor license revocation, probation, and jail time.

What about fake IDs? How are those handled?

Although fake ID’s are not detectable with barcode scanner, there are ways to identify fakes through training and inspection. We provide a Fake ID Checking Guide for this specific purpose.

Why is Minor Decliner’s scanner better than the other ID scanners for bars and nightclubs available on the market?

Our scanner is not only the fastest (less than 1 second to provide the sale/no sale answer) and most user-friendly system available, it’s also the lowest cost option for the features it provides (multiple product scanning, anti-passback, compliance logging, etc.)

Additionally, there is just a one time cost, and it never needs updating, it’s stand alone and does not require an internet connection, and you own the device (and don’t have to count on your staff to bring their phone and use an application).

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