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Don't Get Fooled: Spot Fake IDs and Protect Your Business

Don't Get Fooled: Spot Fake IDs and Protect Your Business

At Minor Decliner, we understand the daily challenges of bars, clubs, convenience, and liquor stores. One of the biggest concerns is preventing underage sales of age-restricted products like tobacco, alcohol, and lottery tickets.

While hefty fines for underage sales are a significant concern, the repercussions go far beyond financial penalties. Selling to a minor with a fake ID can damage your reputation, lead to license suspensions, and even involve legal issues. More importantly, it puts underage individuals at risk.

The Rise of Fake IDs: A Growing Threat

Here in the US, underage drinking is a serious issue. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, underage drinking is responsible for over 3,900 deaths each year. A news article from Oneida, New York, is just one of many stories that document the prevalence of fake IDs. Investigators from the DMV's Field Investigations division, specifically trained to spot fake licenses, carried out a sting operation that resulted in citing over 312 people and seizing 389 fake IDs, demonstrating the ease with which minors can obtain fraudulent identification.

In Charleston, South Carolina, a pilot program to help root out the problem found that a troubling 3% of IDs scanned by late-night businesses that serve alcohol were fake. The pilot scheme used a software solution from Intellicheck that scanned and verified IDs. The program helped businesses validate their current processes or, in some cases, put steps in place to spot fake IDs. It emphasizes the need for robust age-verification systems to protect your business and public safety.

How to Spot Fake IDs (and Why It's Difficult)

The first line of defense is a thorough examination of the ID itself. Intellicheck, a trusted partner for law enforcement and financial institutions whose technology we use in our ID scanners, has a handy guide to manual checks. The tips include always ensuring the photo on the ID matches the person presenting it. Pay close attention to facial features like ears, eyebrows, and bone structure for any inconsistencies.

Additionally, confirm that all information on the ID, such as birthdate and expiration date, is accurate. It's also important to be familiar with your state's specific design elements of legitimate IDs. This includes details like the location of ghost images and state seals, which can differ between states. We highly recommend training for this. Please contact us for recommendations in this area.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Security Features

Most state IDs incorporate additional security features to deter counterfeiting. Many utilize ultraviolet (UV) imagery, a laser-engraved image only visible under a blacklight. Additionally, some IDs have laser engravings that appear when held to light, and these designs can vary by state. Examining these features adds another layer of verification.

However, these traditional methods of checking IDs with a visual inspection can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Verifying holograms, checking for UV features, and comparing dates can be tricky, especially during busy shifts. Unfortunately, it's also the case that traditional methods aren't foolproof. Advancements in technology have allowed for the creation of fake IDs that can bypass basic checks and even appear genuine under a UV light.

  • Tech Makes Fakes Flawless: Advanced printing techniques and readily available ID templates online make it easier for criminals to produce near-perfect replicas. Holograms that used to be a dead giveaway can now be mimicked with impressive accuracy.
  • Blurring the Lines: Some fake IDs utilize stolen information from real IDs, making it even trickier to tell the real from the counterfeit. Birthdates might be slightly altered, but the photo and details could be legitimate, completely throwing a visual inspection off.

Initiatives like New York Assembly Bill 3404 demonstrate a growing recognition of the seriousness of fake IDs. Currently, under consideration, the bill proposes additional measures to combat fake IDs, including requiring establishments that sell age-restricted products to scan IDs electronically. While not yet law, this proposal highlights the growing movement towards using technology to help address the issue. By implementing a reliable system, you're not only protecting your business but also helping to ensure the safety of your community.

Minor Decliner: Your Partner in Age-Verification

This is where Minor Decliner's ID scanners come in. Our scanners quickly and accurately read IDs, verifying age and detecting fraudulent features by incorporating technology from Intellicheck. This advanced system goes beyond basic checks, detecting a staggering 90% plus of fake IDs. (add on cost effective subscription is required for the fake id detection module)

Think of it as "police-grade" fake ID verification in a user-friendly and economical package. Minor Decliner scanners seamlessly integrate this powerful Intellicheck module, allowing you to scan IDs for age verification and instantly receive a "sale" or "no sale" response. If a customer's ID raises suspicion, a simple button press transmits the scan to Intellicheck for a comprehensive fake ID check, delivering an answer within seconds. This layered approach ensures you're not relying solely on visual inspection and provides peace of mind, knowing you have a reliable defense against even the most sophisticated fake IDs.

Benefits of Using an ID Scanner

  • Fast and Accurate Age Verification: Scan any state driver's license in seconds for a clear age verification. Minor Decliner scanners are compatible with driver's licenses and most state-issued IDs used for age verification. In the rare case a scan fails, our system provides clear instructions on how to proceed with a manual ID check using the techniques outlined earlier in this blog post.
  • Reduces Risk of Underage Sales: Protect your business from costly fines and potential license suspensions.
  • Improves Staff Efficiency: Free up your staff to focus on customer service.
  • Easy to Use: Our user-friendly ID scanners require minimal staff training. We provide clear instructions and comprehensive training materials to ensure your team feels comfortable using the scanners efficiently.
  • Data Security: Our scanners use secure encryption protocols to protect customer information and comply with all relevant data privacy regulations.

In today's environment, protecting your business from underage sales and the dangers of fake IDs is crucial. While traditional methods offer some security, they can be time-consuming and susceptible to error. Minor Decliner's ID scanners provide a reliable, affordable, user-friendly solution that safeguards your business and promotes responsible age verification.

Implement this technology and gain peace of mind, knowing you're complying with regulations, protecting your staff, and contributing to a safer community for all. By combining advanced technology with vigilance, we can work together to create a safer environment for everyone.

Protect your business and your community with Minor Decliner's ID scanner solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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