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Don’t Get Caught Selling Vape Products to a Minor

Don’t Get Caught Selling Vape Products to a Minor

It’s a shame to say it, but vaping products are all the rage for kids these days. As they come in a variety of flavors and can be easily picked up at most convenience stores, minors can enjoy “smoking” something that tastes good and gives them a rush – it feels good to break the rules, especially when you’re in that rebellious teen phase.

And when you’re in that rebellious teen phase, you feel unstoppable. Many teens have no problem asking someone a couple of years older than them for their ID or finding a way to have a fake one made with their personal information. At that age, it feels like you have the whole world ahead of you and nothing to lose.

While that might be true for some teens, that isn’t the case for stores that sell tobacco products. However, when a brave teen becomes addicted to nicotine and needs to get their fix with another delicious-tasting vape product, the person at the vape store might not think twice about selling them a vape product – especially if they act like they’ve done it a hundred of times before, although they’ve really only done it a handful of times.

Kids typically pick up bad habits for one reason: it seems “cool” to do so. We are living in a world where over 1 million minors are using vaping products every day. When a young person sees that their friends are getting into the trend, they are more likely to want to hop on the bandwagon.

Surely none of these kids expect to become addicted to products like Puff Bars – vaping products that seem to be a cool, sweet treat. When one teen gets their hands on a fake ID, they can easily supply themselves and their friends with as many vaping products as their heart’s desire – or as many as they can afford, anyway.

If the vape or tobacco shop that they frequent doesn’t have any technology to verify the validity of their identification, and it looks convincing enough, there’s nothing stopping teens from purchasing vaping products from this shop time and time again.

You can do your part in preventing teens from getting addicted to nicotine and protect your business from getting caught selling vape products to minors by using age verification technology with every purchase.

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