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Using Door Access Control for Walk-In Beer Caves & Cooler Doors

Using Door Access Control for Walk-In Beer Caves & Cooler Doors

A lack of proper security at the entrance to a beer cave or for a beer cooler door can increase risks of underage drinking as well as shoplifting, both of which can be incredibly damaging to a business’s reputation and bottom line.

A Door Access Control and Alert system from Minor Decliner serves as a simple automated solution that provides businesses with the peace of mind that no underage individuals will be able to open a door to a product they are not eligible to purchase.

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The system, which can be placed at any internal restricted area: 

  • Scans a potential customer’s ID
  • Determines automatically whether the ID is legitimate and meets the required age for entry,
  • Alerts and unlocks the door for the of age customer to open


In the case of beer coolers or walk-in beer caves, underage customers may try to purchase alcohol hoping to evade the age verification process or they may simply bypass providing ID all together by stealing full packages or individual bottles of alcohol.

This is where adding a door access control system to the cave or fridge door eliminates access to the products all together. While cameras may still aid in reducing shrinkage in these sections of the store, requiring customers to scan an ID adds a very strong message that underage access will not be tolerated.


Door Access System White Paper