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Car Dealership ID Scanners

Install a car dealership ID scanner at the automotive dealership to stop auto theft and fraud.


Protect Your Auto Dealership Using Trusted ID Scanners from MinorDecliner™

Car dealership ID scanners are devices used by different automotive dealerships to scan and store the identification information of customers, such as driver’s licenses quickly and accurately. The purpose of these scanners is to streamline the customer check-in process and to maintain accurate records of customer information. They can also help dealerships comply with regulations and prevent fraud by quickly verifying the authenticity of a customer's ID.

We offer next-gen ID verification solutions for car dealers. Our ID scanning products offer the best in class fake ID detection solutions for your car dealership. Our ID verification solutions are ideal for confirming your customer's identity, confirming the driving license is authentic, and sending data to your business system at auto dealerships to prevent fraud and fake IDs.

Best Uses of Car Dealership ID Scanner

Car dealership ID scanners can help improve customer experience, streamline operations, and increase efficiency while reducing risk and ensuring compliance.

The best uses of car dealership ID scanners include:

  • Customer Check-In: Quickly and accurately scan and store customer identification information, such as driver's licenses, for efficient check-in.
  • Customer Database Management: Maintain accurate records of customer information, including contact information, for future reference and marketing purposes. The driver's license information is quickly scanned by ID scanner and stored in the dealership's database, allowing for efficient and accurate record keeping.
  • Fraud Prevention: Verify the authenticity of a customer's ID to prevent fraudulent activity and ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Sales Process Acceleration: Streamline the sales process by having customer information readily available for sales representatives to access.
  • Data Security: Store customer information securely to protect against data breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with government regulations, such as the USA Patriot Act and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws, by verifying customer identity.

Also, check our extensive range of various industry-specific ID scanners for age verification.


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