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Reduce Your Risk of Underage Tobacco Sales

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Retailers today have every reason to feel anxious when they read headlines about increasing tobacco sales to minors and the penalties for breaking the rules. Ensuring every customer attempting to purchase tobacco is of legal age is crucial, but with busy schedules and sophisticated fake IDs, enforcing age restrictions can feel like a losing battle.

Tobacco use by minors is not just a legal problem for retailers; it's a public health emergency. Research shows that people who start using tobacco early are more likely to get addicted and suffer from heart disease, lung cancer, and other health issues. Every pack of cigarettes or vape sold to a minor puts a young person in danger.

A high percentage of retailers failing FDA tobacco sales inspections (an astonishing 18.54% in 2022) indicates there is a serious issue with underage sales. Convenience stores, which are major sellers of tobacco products, are prime targets for these inspections, and retailers who run afoul of the rules face heavy fines.

Some recent news stories show the risks to retailers of selling tobacco products to underage customers. One story reveals how local health departments are working with police to stop retailers from selling tobacco to minors. Another raises a growing worry: teenagers getting hold of tobacco products, especially e-cigarettes, pointing out the public health issues related to this problem. Some states, like Massachusetts, are outlawing flavored tobacco products completely. These rules aim to protect youth, a goal all responsible businesses share, but they can also make things uncertain and difficult for retailers.

ID Verification Scanners: A Powerful Solution
Here's where ID scanners come in. ID verification scanners offer a powerful and cost-effective way to ensure age compliance and protect your business. Using scanners helps retailers:

  • Avoid hefty fines: Underage tobacco sales can lead to significant fines and license suspensions. Scanners can help you protect your business from these costly consequences.
  • Increase employee efficiency: Manual ID checks can be time-consuming, especially during peak hours. Scanners automate the process, freeing up staff time for customer service and other tasks.
  • Deter underage attempts: The very presence of an ID scanner can dissuade young people from attempting to purchase tobacco. Knowing they'll be caught red-handed can significantly discourage violations.

ID Scanners Streamline Verification for Retailers
At Minor Decliner, we focus on providing ID scanners with fake detection capability that are easy to use so that employees can quickly validate IDs. With our scanners, store owners and employees can instantly carry out age checking and eliminate the risk of a underage sales. 

At Minor Decliner, we understand the challenges retailers face in maintaining age compliance for tobacco sales. Our ID scanners incorporate Intellicheck software, so you can rest assured that you're upholding age restrictions and protecting your business. Fake ID scanners are a cost-effective investment, helping you maintain a responsible sales environment and keeping young people safe from the dangers of tobacco use.

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Contact Minor Decliner today to see how our ID scanners can help you with age verification and reducing the risk of selling age-restricted products to minors.

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