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How Much Does an ID Card Scanner Cost?

How Much Does an ID Card Scanner Cost?

ID Scanning machines are essential for retailers, stores, and shops selling tobacco, vape products, nightclubs, and convenience stores. Today, the demand for different ID scanners has grown, which has made it a mandatory investment to limit the illegal consumption of age-restricted items.

But the major question every retailer, shop, or store ask is - how much does an age-verification ID scanner cost?

Multiple factors are considered to conclude the price of an age-verification ID scanner. Below are the factors that affect the final price of an ID scanner.

Features of ID Scanner: Modern ID scanners can scan barcodes and magnetic tape. However, not all scanners are made to scan both ID types. Hence, the price of ID scanner differs based on the features provided by the ID scanner.

Storage Capacity: The data storage capacity is essential for ID Scanners as the government can ask for customers' data anytime. However, the storage capacity of ID scanners differs based on your requirement. Price will ultimately change as a low storage scanner costs you less than a high storage ID scanner.

Size of ID Scanner: You can buy a fixed or portable scanner based on your requirements. However, the prices of both scanners are different. Hence, size of the ID scanner also impacts the final ID scanner cost.

Buy an Affordable ID Scanner at Minor Decliner

Minor Decliner is the legit and one-stop destination to choose from different ID scanning machines that fit your business needs and make it a perfect investment in the long run. Here you can buy ID scanners for tobacco stores, convenience stores, and gun stores. However, different scanning machines have different price tags based on their features. Here are the prices of the latest ID scanners offered by Minor Decliner for different industries.

Contactless ID Scanner for Age Verification - Door Sentinel: It includes a 4-inch display with an integrated scanner and counter stand. It is best to restrict underage patrons at the door.


Portable ID Scanner: As the name suggests, it has a handy device that can scan authorized documents and verify their validity. It is a perfect ID Scanner for restaurants as it can be used at the entrance or the tables.

Minor Decliner Smart Countertop ID Scanner - Large 10" Display: It is a smart countertop ID Scanner with a 10-inch display. It is a perfect scanner for the counter in tobacco stores, vape stores, etc., where customer identity requires validation before checkout.

Benefits of Buying ID Scanner from Minor Decliner

Buying from our extensive range of ID Scanning machines offers numerous benefits, which you must consider before putting your hard-earned money. Here are the prominent benefits of buying Minor Decliner ID Scanners.

  • Cost-effective, easy to implement, easy to train
  • Reads the 2D PDF417 Barcode in all 50 states
  • Detects expired IDs and underage IDs 
  • Intelligent Fake Detection™
  • Easy setup and configuration of Icons for any age-restricted items you are selling
  • Comprehensive support to answer any questions and resolve issues
  • No internet connection is needed, or ongoing costs
  • 1-year Warranty 

Latest Price of ID Scanner in USA

The ID Scanner cost, as mentioned above, relies on multiple factors. Yet, the ID scanners by Minor Decliner start from $624, which can increase further based on features and associated services & support.

If required, you can also get additional service and support. You can call 888-310-4001 to discuss your business needs and get the right scanning machine.