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How Does an ID Scanner Works?

How Does an ID Scanner Works?

What is an ID Scanner?

As the name suggests, an ID scanner is an electronic device that checks the authenticity of any ID card and displays the result on the screen. Nowadays, ID Scanner can scan multiple IDs, including military IDs, government IDs, passports, voter IDs, and many more. In short, the ID Scanning machine has become the prime necessity for businesses involved in age-restricted items. 

Across the country, numerous businesses serve items/products to underage patrons. Industries like nightclubs, tobacco shops, vape shops, liquor stores, casinos, police enforcement, convenience stores, etc., have high & strict regulations to serve the right customers. Some state governments even demand customer details to ensure the vendors are following the rules and not serving underage buyers. 

Today, the market is flooded with various ID scanners, making selecting one from multiple buying options confusing. A critical query among all is how an ID Scanner works.

How does an ID Scanner Works?

An ID Scanning machine has multiple components that are listed below:

ID Reader: The prime component of an ID scanning machine is a barcode reader, a magnetic stripe reader, or both. A machine with both options has a higher scope of verifying ID and ensuring the customer's authenticity. 

Small Display: Modern scanning machines display the final result on a screen that is small in size yet enough to show whether it's a valid ID or a Fake one.

Keypad: Some scanners also have a small keypad used to input data or control the device. Interestingly, modern scanning machines have replaced keypads with touch screens.

Generally, the scanning machine provides a dedicated slot to place ID or comes with a mobile infrared scanner (point-and-shoot) that transmits the information to the scanning machine and displays the result. Among them, a machine with a dedicated barcode reader slot is in high demand. 

Furthermore, such machines are more expensive than the point-and-shoot option. However, they provide a better hold on the barcode and scan it precisely. A point-and-shoot scanner faces issues in getting focused and scanning the barcode.

Most ID scanners can read 2D barcodes that are used in more than 40 states in North America. 

In a magnetic stripe reader, scanners include a slot to swipe the ID and scan its authenticity. It is similar to what we use on our credit cards.

Now, below-listed are the steps of the ID scanner working.

  • Switch on the ID card scanner
  • Place the ID in the scanner slot (if it's a barcode) or swipe it through the magnetic stripe reader.
  • Scanner will display ID details on the screen.
  • Device will blow a siren or alert if the ID details mismatch with the government database.
  • Post verification, the ID is returned to its respective owner.
  • Some machines store customer data for government purposes.
  • Machine resets automatically and looks for another barcode to scan.

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