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Stay Compliant: Don't Allow Under 21 to Gamble

Stay Compliant: Don't Allow Under 21 to Gamble

In route gaming rooms, which are typically video gambling areas within businesses or stores where someone must be 21 or older to enter and play, ensuring compliance can be a costly ask.  

Checking IDs can be difficult for store associates to manage while they are busy completing other necessary tasks within their required roles, such as checking out other customers. The wait time for gamers that can result in these popular spaces doesn’t help to ease pressures or customer satisfaction.  

Distracted store associates are in need of a reliable solution so that they can tend to profitable customers in a timely manner while feeling safe in the knowledge that the business’s compliance is covered.  Installing a Door Access Control System allows store associates to work unencumbered and ensures compliance with age restriction laws.

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A simple “Under 21 No Entry” sign on the door just doesn’t cut it anymore. Minor Decliner’s Door Access Control system is future-proof, meaning that it’s adaptable to whatever new requirements may arise, keeping a business ready for what’s next.

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