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Add Security Layer to Pubs with ID Scanner for Bars & Pubs

Add Security Layer to Pubs with ID Scanner for Bars & Pubs

Numerous states across the USA have updated their laws to combat the consumption of alcohol and tobacco products by minors. Across the USA, regulations for alcohol and tobacco consumption vary from one state to another. However, there are a few guidelines that are similar in most states.

Minimum Drinking Age: In most states, the minimum legal age for drinking alcohol is 21. That's the reason pubs and bars restrict underage patrons.

Serving Hours: The serving time also differs from state to state. However, most states are permitted to serve alcohol from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Intoxication Limits: Misbehave isn't a good behavior after consuming alcohol. It's illegal for a person to misbehave or act disorderly after consuming alcohol in a bar or pub. In general, a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher is considered to be legally drunk.

Liquor Liability Laws: In many states, it's illegal for bars/pubs to serve alcohol to anyone who is visibly intoxicated and might cause harm to themselves or others.

It's important to note that detailed information about state-wise regulations is available at the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

Now, the big question arises - how the pub/bar owners can restrict the entry of underage customers? 

In February 2020, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) closed many pubs, bars, and restaurants offering age-restricted items. The state reopened them after installing a camera and ID scanner to ensure only eligible buyers can enter and leverage the services. 

What if Pubs/Bars Fail to Follow Regulations?

The biggest query is- what if pubs, bars, or restaurants fail to follow the government guidelines for alcohol and tobacco consumption? The penalties majorly vary from one state to another. Furthermore, it also depends upon the level of violation. Below are some possible outcomes of failing government regulations.

Monetary Fines: Mostly, the first scenario includes monetary fines where the fine amount depends upon the level of violation. 

License Revocation: If the bar/pub/restaurant continuously violates after multiple notices, the state government can revoke the license immediately. This will dispel the store from selling alcohol or tobacco products to the customers permanently.

Criminal Charges: If criminal activity is performed due to intoxication from pubs, bars, or restaurants, the state authority can charge the management authority with criminal charges. The authority will be taken under custody for entertaining intoxicated people and disturbing the local people and the surrounding.

Civil Liability: If a patron served alcohol in a pub or bar goes on to cause harm to themselves or others, the establishment may be held civilly liable. This could result in significant financial damages awarded to the victim(s) of the harm caused.

With one time investment in ID Scanning System, you can rest assured of ultimate security at the checkpoint. Most pubs and bars nowadays have already integrated security check with ID scanner that helps them verify customers' IDs and only allow the eligible ones. 

There are numerous benefits of putting your business income into an ID Scanner. Below are the advantages of considering ID Scanners in pubs and bars.

Compliance With Law: Government rules vary from one state to another. However, restricting underage patrons is the prime need for stores offering age-restricted items. ID Scanning solutions make it possible to verify the customer's ID before entering.

Increased Safety: Safety is always a priority in bars, pubs, and restaurants, and ID scanners supplement this with high-end security as it verifies customers' details and lets them enjoy the night.

Fraud Prevention: Many customers try to enter pubs/bars with fake IDs. Unfortunately, the human eye can't thoroughly check fake IDs and restrict fraud customers. ID scanning solutions can take this challenge and quickly alert you about a fake ID.

Improved Customer Experience: Age-verification ID scanning makes it feasible to verify the ID quickly, which improves the customer experience, uplifting the pub/bar's reputation.

Data Collection: Modern IF scanner comes with data storage capability. It lets the pubs and bars store customer data for future marketing practices. Furthermore, it also becomes efficient for use in case of any illegal activity.

Minor Decliner has the right ID scanning solutions for different industries. Here you can choose a comprehensive range of ID Scanner based on your requirement and industry. 

You can book a meeting today and discuss your business needs. With one time investment in an age-verification ID scanner, you will take a big step towards comprehensive security and business precautions. Above all, you can easily follow government guidelines that save you from unexpected penalties and fines.