Fake ID Checking Guide Bundle (UV Light Included)

Fake ID Checking Guide Bundle (UV Light Included)

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Even though your store may have an excellent track record in preventing underage sales, chances are you have sold to someone with a fake ID. Why?

No system (even the most sophisticated ID scanners) can effectively detect fake IDs.

And if someone is caught purchasing tobacco, alcohol, or any other age-restricted products from your establishment with a fake ID, it’s going to be up to you to show that you and your staff have done the due diligence necessary to remove liability (it’s not enough that you’re just checking IDs for age 21, for example).

Our Fake ID Checking Guide Bundle is designed to fill that gap in your process and to train your staff to efficiently identify fake IDs so you can ensure you're in full legal compliance.

What you get in the ID Checking Guide Bundle:

  • The Keesing Documentchecker Guide: The essential guide for checking US and Canadian IDs. This authoritative document is used by agencies worldwide as the gold standard for verifying authentic IDs.
  • A bright UV light for ID checking so your staff can verify the invisible UV features on the ID (Note: only use the UV flashlight on the ID’s. Never point at eyes or face.)

With these tools and some training, you will be able to confidently educate your staff on how to check an ID for the security features on all US and Canadian ID's and quickly check and verify the invisible UV features on the ID.

In addition, you can also use the UV flashlight to check for the security ribbon in US currency. This adds a layer of protection to your business and shows any compliance authorities that you are serious about age verification and fake ID detection and are in full legal compliance.

Remove your liability for detecting fake ID’s with our Fake ID Checking Guide Bundle today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ID checking guide?

Because fake IDs are more sophisticated than ever, they cannot be effectively detected using ID scanners in the same way as legal IDs. An ID checking guide is a set of instructions that walk your staff through:

  • The common differences between legal and fake IDs
  • What security features to check for, including printed examples
  • Step-by-step instructions they can follow each time they perform an ID check

The Keesing guide included in our bundle makes this information easy and quick to review and use in practice.

Is the UV light the same as a black light?

Yes, the term “black light ID checker” is synonymous with the UV flashlight included in the bundle.

What does a fake ID look like?

Because each state’s IDs include a different layout and set of security features, it can be difficult to tell what a fake ID looks like without a legal benchmark ID to compare it to, and an explanation of all of the security features that need to be present. This is why training and guidance are critical.

The Keesing Documentchecker Guide provides this information in a concise, easy to read format to make this comparison process fast and effective.