For C-Stores and Gas Stations

Top 10 Reasons why Minor Decliner is perfect for Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

  1. Without a system, mistakes are easy to make. The statistics show you have a 1 in 4 change of selling tobacco to a underage buyer.
  2. It is easy to mis-calculate the age from the birthday, especially when staff are tired and busy.
  3. Fines are increasing to $1000 for the 1st offense. Regulated at the federal, state and local level.
  4. The FDA inspected 162,000 retailers last year and gave 18,000 violations. Don't risk your sales license and be one of the next 18,000 fined. 
  5. Both the owner and the staff get fines. Your staff and you cant afford to be a negative statistic  
  6. New Employees are at high risk of making a mistake : Help new employees get it right. Studies show your new workers are 5x more likely to make a mistake. This is a big problem in locations with high turnover. 
  7. Avoid conformation with customers : The system says No Sale, achieving full compliance and avoiding a conformation with customers.
  8. We include a audit / compliance log to so managers and owners can review to make sure the system is being used all the time. 
  9. Its Low cost insurance  for you and your people 
  10. Minor Decliner has patented technology, and is easy to set up, fast and effective. Get protected today ! 

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