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Fines for Selling to Minors

Recent stories of businesses with fines and problems for selling to underage patrons.

Minor Decliner is cheap insurance to avoid all these type of issues.

Minor Decliner:

1. Helps with training and high turnover

2. Provides a robust 24/7 solution to eliminate sales to minors.

3.  Future proofed; ready for digital identity tokens

Don't get on the news and get negative press for an incident of selling to minors! 

Protect your business with Minor Decliner 

August 2021 

North Dakota - Alcohol Sales to Minors 

Minnesota - Store closed due to selling to Minors 

Louisiana - 6 summons issues for selling alcohol to minors - names listed! 

Wisconsin - store closed for selling to minors - 8/21

Indiana - Alcohol sales to minor - $3200 fine and license suspended - 8/2021

New Jersey - Vape sale to minor - sales clerk arrested ! - August 2021

California - 2 arrested for alcohol sales to minors - August 2021


July 2021 

 California - Alcohol sale to minors - July 2021 

 Iowa - Casino admittance to minors - July 2021 

 Connecticut - Vape sales to minors  - June 2021

Minnesota - Alcohol sales to minors - July 2021

Tennessee - Alcohol sales to minors - 25% fail rate - June 2021 

New York - Alcohol sales to minors - july 2021

 Selling to Minors is also a international problem 

UK Underage Selling #1 

UK Underage selling #2

Underage buyers going to jail for underage drinking 

New York minor checking rules. Minor Decliner will catch this every time!

During the underage drinking detail, retail establishments are checked using a trooper in plain clothes and one or several underaged operatives who cannot lie about their age or give a fake date of birth if asked. When asked for identification, they must show their real ID, the release said.