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Identify Document Kiosk with KEESING Documentchecker Integration

Identify Document Kiosk with KEESING Documentchecker Integration

Minor Decliners advanced age verification technology ID scanners are now paired with the world leader in ID document verification, offering a direct integration the KEESING Document checker.

With this patented revolutionary new tool, you have direct online access to a comprehensive library of US driver’s licenses and will be able to verify the security features on each individual state license through your Minor Decliner. This stand-alone kiosk provides a convenient, modern, easy to implement, updated, and instant online access to state ID documents for fraud prevention in banks and other financial service providers. You also have a company log that documents the check!

How it works

If you want to tighten your security and confidence in fraudulent driver’s license review, Minor Decliner has the perfect solution with the seamless integration of the KEESING Documentchecker.

Scan the driver’s license and Minor Decliner checks if the ID is expired or if the individual is underage.
Then the KEESING document checker portal automatically opens, allowing you to check the security features of the driver’s license against the document library of authentic licenses. As you compare licenses against the library, all of the security features will be noted and highlighted for easy and quick review. Each license also includes a view under ultraviolet light, to be able to compare the security features visible under UV.
Smoothly Pass or Fail the purchase transaction based on the verification check and simultaneously document the results using Minor Decliner’s Age Verification Compliance Suite ™ - AVCS™

Protect your business and your customers with quality ID reference information

The KEESING Documentchecker database isTHEreference standard for ID documents issued across the US and Canada.

  • 2,400+ North American ID documents – the most complete online collection available
  • Government-issued ID cards and driver’s licenses from all US states, Canadian provinces and their territories, including expired IDs
  • 13,000+ images of actual IDs, front and back, with UV and key security features
  • Clear descriptions of each ID document
  • Details of the 90 most widely used security features in North American ID documents
  • Details of up to 20 key security features per ID document
  • In-depth REAL ID information
  • Information you can trust: ID samples obtained directly from issuing authorities
  • 24/7 access to the most current content, with bi-weekly updates
  • An active and secure internet connection is required for the use of this product.

KEESING Documentchecker North American ID Documents

Through Minor Decliner, your products will have access to a subscription to KEESING Documentchecker North American IDs, giving you access to the most complete database for IDs issued in the US, Canada and Mexico.

With the highest coverage of over 2,400 ID types – driver’s licenses; ID cards; city and municipal IDs – KEESING Documentchecker gives you peace of mind that the data you rely on is the most thorough and secure available.

Please note: the KEESING Documentchecker is only available to approved business entities and government agencies. Screening will be conducted prior to your module license being granted.

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Contactless Age Verification

Our scanner options combined with flexible mounting options is ready to go for contactless age verification

Age Verification Frequency Use Management

Prevents re use of a ID in a certain time period - also known as anti pass back. Configurable to a variety of time frames between scans.

Intelligent Fake Detection™

Behavior-based algorithm is systematically applied to check for fraudulent IDs and to document that the check was completed.

Age Verification Compliance Suite™

A complete system for checking compliance. Store managers can check for system use and associate a scan with a specific sales associate.

About the Product

Standard Features & Inclusions

  • Flexible setup to allow testing of all age restricted products.
  • industry-specific Icons set for industry/customization and focus
  • Simple to use and easy to train Allows fast scanning of State issued ID's and Drivers Licenses for reliable data entry.
  • Reads the 2D PDF417 Barcode in all 50 states and gives fast, audible, and visible "Sale or No Sale" result
  • Detects expired ID's, and underage ID’s
  • Simplified Over / Under 21 screen Intelligent Fake Detection™ with FakDetector™
  • Age Verification Compliance Suite ™ - AVCS™
  • Age Verification Customer Rating™
  • Age Verification Frequency Use Management™
  • Can recognize your customers birthday and play happy birthday
  • Standard 1 year Warranty
  • 30 Day No Risk Money-Back Guarantee
  • Comprehensive support to answer any questions and resolve issues.


  • Multiple scanner and tablet options to suit your business needs
  • NACS TruAge™ - Inquire for feature. Internet is required for this feature
  • 2 or 3 year value-packed service and support upgrades.
  • Customized configuration to meet your unique business needs.
  • Contactless age verification that supports socially distanced scans.
  • Multi Scanner Capability - Multiple scanners for different check out stations from one tablet
  • Flexible mounting options for Versatile Mounting Wall/Floor/Table Top/Arm
  • Available security enclosure

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